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Fine Featherheads

A woman looking over her shoulder, at the camera, with feather extensions in her hair.

About Fine Featherheads

We’re not just a company—we like to think of ourselves as the Fine Featherheads family.

How we spread our wings

Fine Featherheads was first born in early 2010 when founder Dakota Hills started selling feathers at concerts and farmers markets in Boulder, CO with her sister Dana. Dakota quickly saw the greater potential of these beautiful creations and started visiting salons across the country to show off her product. The product literally sold itself and word spread like wildfire.

With a lot of hard work (which began in the basement of Dakota’s home), a full-on, international feather extension production and distribution company began. With the help of family, friends and all of Fine Featherheads’ supporters, Dakota, along with her partner and co-owner Ryan, have grown the business into one that has value, transparency and a good dash of fun at its core.

Fine Featherheads has now blossomed into a booming business that employs 35 staffers and provides feathers to thousands of clients around the world! Not only does our business creates jobs in our local community, it provides small business opportunities for all of our partners worldwide. And we love that!

Here at Fine Featherheads, we’re committed to producing the highest quality product while maintaining a responsible business model. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers – from cruising around on our website, to connecting with us on Facebook, to rocking the best feathers available. We take great pride in being the best at what we do.

The Fine Featherheads’ community spreads joy and happiness to all of our fine-feathered friends around the world. We’re eternally grateful to our extended Fine Featherheads family – and that includes you. It’s supporters like you who truly represent the Fine Featherheads lifestyle. We’d be nowhere without the incredible encouragement we’ve received along the way.

And while we’d never want all that popularity to go to our head, we love when it goes straight to yours. A huge “Thanks” for showing off your Featherheads and helping us live our dream!

Meet Us

One of the greatest things about our business model is that we do everything in-house. We do all the production, packaging, shipping and customer service internally, which means every order is created, packaged, processed and shipped with love by the Fine Featherheads Family.