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Fine Featherheads

Dueling Garland Earrings

Recycled scrap leather sets the background for double-sided ivory vintage bridal lace, hanging from antique brass chain and ear wire. The Dueling Garland Earrings hang approximately 2.5” from the ear.
Mismatching is so hot right now...haven't you heard?!

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Quill Clips are for anyone who isn’t able to wear a feather hair extension full time. With our secure clip technique, Quill Clips are an effortless addition to our feather hair extensions and can be changed out with ease.  They can be curled or straightened just like your normal hair (450°F/230°C).&nbsp;Each Grand Quill Clip contains five feathers ranging from 8 - 14 inches in length.&nbsp;
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Turquoise (G) $39.95$24.95
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