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Fine Featherheads


Hear what others are saying:

“I have had my feathers in for 4 months now and they are still in perfect condition. i just take them out and move them when i get my hair highlighted. I get tons of compliments on them, I have 9 of the natural whispers in my hair paired in 3 groups of 3 randomly placed, looks so cool. ♥”


“I got a really pretty hot pink rooster feather a few weeks ago and I LOVE it!”


“I have gotten my Feathers!! From Fine Featherheads!! THANK YOU SOO MUCH! ♥”


“This is one of those things that spreads like wildfire, a co-worker got them and within weeks, me, her sister and her best friend got them as well and we all love them. I used to dye my hair black and now I’m waiting to outgrow the dye and be able to add other colors to my hair. Using the feathers has been great, it gives me the hint of color I’ve been craving”

Woman with a shawl and feathers in her hair, outside, during sunset, staring off into the distance.

“I love Fine Featherheads! My clients love them, and my salon is booming! Thank you so much for having such wonderful quality products! :)”


“Fine Featherheads has been such a blessing in my life. My dear friend, who is an inspiration to me, helped me become a local provider back in Oct of 2010. Since then, I have made really great connections in my local community and have met people that have made an impact in my life . I have a beautiful son who is 2 years old and LOVES having his feathers in. This experience has tremendously helped my family out while I work towards becoming a high school science teacher. I am so GRATEFUL!!! ♥ you!!”