6 Things to Keep in Mind when Preparing for your Child’s Birthday Party

The whole family must be excited to celebrate your child’s birthday party. While this is one of the most anticipated occasions by relatives and friends, you should start preparing as early as possible. Cramming is never a good thing for special events like this. It’s okay to feel pressured, but don’t stress yourself too much. Here are a few reminders to help you organise your kid’s party and make it fun and memorable:

Determine the Size of the Party

Before anything else, start working on the guest list so you can prepare your budget plan for the occasion. Send out invitations at least one month ahead to give them time to make arrangements with their schedule. Once you have finalised the guest list, you can now work on other important tasks such as food preps, party supplies, and choosing a venue.

Choose the Right Birthday Cake

The celebrant’s birthday cake is usually the highlight of the occasion. This is why everything needs to be perfect. From the overall design, taste and flavour, you have to make sure the details are spot on and match the theme of the party. The problem with most cake stores is they only have limited designs. You may only add a few wordings or colours. If you’re looking for a more specific or unique style, there are custom made cakes online you can try.

Check the Venue

If you think your home cannot accommodate all your guests, it is best to look for function rooms or party venues. Check the amenities they offer, and make sure they have everything you need. Some rental venues have complete lights and sound system. Enquire about their corkage policies and parking slots, as well to avoid disputes. For outdoor locations, consider renting a tent for unexpected weather conditions.

Provide fun entertainment and games

Kids love games, and you’ll have plenty of outdoor and indoor games to match the kids’ ages at your kid’s celebration. What you choose will depend on the venue since some entertainment and games call for a bigger space. For example, a bouncy house, waterslide, or any other kind of personalized blow up inflatables take up floor space. But imagine their visual impact when the kids and their parents come into the venue. Whichever form of entertainment or game you provide, keep the young guests’ safety in mind.

Prepare for Extra Guests

Birthday celebration

Sometimes, even if you have RSVP for the event, you may have unexpected visitors. Always assume that there could be an additional one or two per guests including parents or guardians. This means you need extra chairs and tables, additional food, loot bags, and souvenirs. For more convenience, you can just buy food from other restaurants or look for delivery services.

Consider Hiring a Party Host

Having a professional party host should simply things for you. Just make sure to book in advance so they can have time to prepare for the program and other activities. Be clear with the details including the location, schedule, and the event theme. If you have specific ideas or instructions, let them know in advance. The best thing about having a host is you can focus on other important things, and just enjoy the party.

Don’t Do It by Yourself

One of the reasons you’re stressing out is because you’re not asking help from others. Don’t hesitate to seek support from your family or friends. For sure, they will love to help you out. Divide the tasks among your family members. Hire a coordinator if you have to. Remember, this is a special day for your child. You should be having fun, as well.

These are just some of the things you should prioritise when preparing for your child’s birthday celebration. Again, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. As long as you plan ahead of time with a little help from your loved ones, everything will be in order.

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