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As with any big city, operating in London as a dentist,  Dentist W1 provides its own challenges and this practice’s strength is providing a full range of treatments. Dentistry is no longer just about pulling and filling teeth because today’s patients demand a more comprehensive range of skills. Achieving the standards demanded by Londoners requires regular staff training on techniques and ever-evolving new equipment designed to deliver the best treatment available. As technology and science have produced better equipment and techniques patients expect as painless and comfortable an experience as possible.

Prevention is the key

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Educating patients on how to adhere to a proper, effective dental care regime is best served by the early introduction of oral hygiene. To this end, adult patients are recommended to bring their children in by at least one-year-old. This allows them to become familiar with the surgery, equipment, noises and smells. The staff, many of whom have their own children are well trained to help children to feel relaxed in the surgery. The dentist also has the opportunity to examine a child and can identify any future problems that may manifest. Educating the parents and the children alike ensures that the same clear instruction on dental hygiene is given to both. As these children grow up to become adults they will not have a fear of the dentist and will understand the importance of oral hygiene and regular dental visits.

Treatments required by patients

Dentist W1 prides itself on listening and responding to its patients where possible and providing practical and cosmetic dentistry is now the norm in most parts of the world including London. Being able to provide a wide range of procedures requires a full team who are strong in all departments. Moving with the times means providing virtual consultations allowing patients to use their mobile phones. Emergency dental care is a priority in this fast-moving city and it is important to provide this service to all patients. The team must have the knowledge and expertise to provide a wide range of orthodontic procedures including orthognathic surgery. This is the correction of jawbone irregularities so as to realign the teeth and jaws. Teeth alignment by using braces or the latest clear aligners are techniques that are used daily to help patients produce a smile worthy of the city of London. Dentures, bridges and crowns are provided to replace missing or broken teeth. Valuable expertise has been gained in implant surgery after having done many of these procedures. The team is more than capable of performing a single dental implant to the more complex multiple implant surgery which can provide a full mouth of teeth using a base of four implants. Cosmetic dentistry from teeth whitening to porcelain veneers which covers any chips or cracks in the teeth and can be colour matched to the surrounding teeth is another regular procedure.

Other treatments

Londoners have requested additional procedures which are not dental but fall within the practice’s field of expertise. Dentists are well trained in the muscles, bones and nervous system of the body particularly the head, neck and jaw. Also well versed in the correct procedures when working in a sterile environment. Londoners are requesting that dentists also provide facial treatments. In addition to dental procedures, this practice offers dermal filler and chemical peel treatments both of which are designed to provide a more youthful appearance.

A dentist for the modern age

Creating a relationship with patients is the best way to help them to take care of themselves. By listening and providing a range of easily accessible treatments that they require to achieve dental and cosmetic well being demonstrates our commitment to our community.

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