Singular Sensation: When Does Accidental Orgasm Happen?

Non-sexual scenarios can leave you with, what is typically for some, the elusive big O. It can happen when you’re running to prepare for a marathon. It can overwhelm you when you’re jumping up and down at a concert. And it can even hit you when you’re practicing yoga, chanting the peace-invoking “om” with inexplicably pleasurable results.

An accidental orgasm is reaching a sexual climax without sexual stimulation or the involvement of a partner. It happens when you least expect it; sometimes in public for some people and other times in places where a hint of experiencing it could mean getting a troubling memo from HR.

If this sensation has happened to you outside of intimate moments, don’t worry. It’s nothing to be afraid of because whether you orgasm at work or while doing something so mundane as taking a warm bath, there is an explanation as to why it happens.

What Causes Spontaneous Orgasm?

Some people experience orgasm by accident when they’re more receptive than others to welcoming stimulation. Here, the mind is more at work than how you’re designed physically; the brain can be a highly sexual organ given the right opportunity.

Your Brain on Sex

How you respond to libido or lust isn’t just about the structure of the brain, from the hypothalamus to the cortical regions that adjust human behavior, and the neurotransmitters: dopamine, and serotonin — the feel-good organic chemicals the body produces when stimulated. It’s also about your views on sex and relationships. Are you free to express your sexuality? Do you take charge and prefer the woman-on-top position? Do you blush when a friend reveals their most passionate experiences?


Sexual climax without the aid of a willing partner can occur when you indulge in sexual fantasies or really get into that erotica you’re reading. It’s otherwise known as “thinking off.”

Although you may not have intended to, taking pleasure in erotic fantasies could leave you sexually ecstatic. More women, than men, experience this type of spontaneous orgasm. Sex therapist Dr. Gina Ogden discovered this during a talk in the ‘80s as 32 of the 50 women she interviewed disclosed having orgasms exclusively through erotic reflection.

Dr. Ogden, later on, confirmed the anecdotal reports in a small study with biologist Barry R. Komisaruk wherein 10 women achieved real orgasm after looking at erotic images. Further limited studies have concluded similar results; even the thought of physical stimulation led to arousal and ultimately orgasm.

Your Body Stimulated

Your culture, background, and combined experiences may determine whether you’re easily aroused or have trouble achieving orgasms — even with a partner. But this is not to say that prudes aren’t likely to, orgasm during a massage, for instance. Why? Because everyone has erogenous zones. Those hot spots will differ with people, but the bottom line is we all have them. And here’s where your physical makeup plays a crucial role in accidental orgasms.

Many physical activities can cause the big O, which is probably another excellent reason to get some exercise.


Some 15 percent of 370 women surveyed, according to a report in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy, reached sexual climaxes while doing abdominal exercises. The event, also called, coregasm, hits for core work. Hence, the name. Some women say using the captain’s chair has consistently delivered sexual delirium. So if you’re thinking about putting together a home gym, this may be a good piece of equipment to choose.


And if you thought this is a new thing, think again. Alfred Kinsey, biologist, and sexologist, referred to accidental orgasms during exercise in a 1953 report.

Kegel exercises also cause orgasm, although probably not spontaneous since pelvic floor exercises can be performed to produce hands-free sexual delirium.

Horseback Riding

Some women have shared how a horse galloping a certain way has made them orgasm; something about the rhythm of the movement, the tightness of riding pants rubbing against the legs create the optimal condition for a surprising orgasm.


Another form of exercise, biking has also featured in anecdotal reports of experiencing the big O in the most unlikely situations. The effect is similar to coregasm. In a study by researchers from Indiana University, 15.8 percent of over 500 women pointed to biking or cycling as delivering exercise-induced orgasm.


With its focus on breathing and mindfulness, is it little wonder that women have discovered yogasms?


Twenty percent have revealed the top poses or asanas that allowed them to climax:

  • Eagle pose;
  • Yogi squat;
  • Bridge pose;
  • Bound angle pose,
  • Boat pose and any asana that involves pelvic muscles and core work.

The effect isn’t always carnal unless you practice yoga for the sole purpose of getting off. But when you do poses routinely, you may not only reach a sexual high but also give your sex life a boost.


It’s the happy ending you may not have intended (unless you’re a guy with that specific mission in mind or enjoy a sensual massage or two). Most stories involving the massage table can be found on every adult threads on Reddit.

A masseuse or masseur rubbing the small of someone’s back (or the sacrum) can elicit the big O. An accidental orgasm. While a massage therapist works on you, is going to happen when your sacrum happens to be an erogenous zone for you.

If you’re easily aroused and would rather not suppress the unexpected sexual pleasure, tell the therapist to avoid certain areas. Otherwise, lie back or face down and let the sensuality of a massage take over.

What Does Accidental Orgasm Feel Like?

Does spontaneous orgasm feel differently than the usual orgasm? Not entirely.


You’ll show similar physical signs, internally and externally, as you would when you orgasm unexpectedly. You’ll experience an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and pain tolerance. That’s for the clinical side; for the nonclinical side, orgasms — accidental and otherwise — can feel earth-shaking, toe-curling, out-of-control, mind-blowing, and in extreme cases, leave you deaf temporarily.

The only thing different would be your emotions, which are going to be a messy merger of euphoria and shock, excitement and fear — pleasure and anxiety. At some point during this ecstasy, extreme confusion will develop when you don’t even consider yourself to be a sexual being. And if you harbor restrictive ideas about sex because of your upbringing, guilt will also surface.

You’ll feel a mixture of these clashing emotions because where and how they happen goes against what is familiar to you. A typical orgasm produces dopamine and oxytocin, but because no extensive research has been done on spontaneous orgasms yet, it’s not known what other organic chemicals the brain produces during what is meant to be a highly pleasurable event.

Although carnal sensations are a natural part of sexuality, some cases can bring extreme distress because the person truly has no control over their body.

What is PGAD?

Persistent genital arousal disorder or PGAD is a condition that sexually arouses without the aid of stimulation or sexual activity. No romantic or sexual fantasy is involved for the condition to be triggered; a mere ordinary touch could set it off.


For people who have PGAD, orgasms occur constantly for hours, days or weeks. And persistent arousal isn’t just disruptive but painful and depressing for some people, especially those in a relationship.

The cause of PGAD could be neurologic in which nerves to the genitals were frequently stimulated to the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system. The pudendal nerve, which is the primary nerve along your pubic bone to your tailbone that allows you to feel sensations, could also be compressed or pinched. Another could be improper blood flow, causing persistent high inflow to the genitals.

Some people develop the condition after brain surgery or after discontinuing cholesterol or estrogen therapy. In other cases, medication for depression triggered PGAD and in some, the causes were unknown.

People with PGAD have the following symptoms:

  • Muscle spasms all over the body
  • Pain in the genital area
  • Blurred vision
  • Unusually high blood pressure and heart rate
  • Shallow, fast breathing

Routine activities, from sitting down to driving, can mean agony for those who have PGAD. Fortunately, treatment options are available.

How Do You Manage Accidental Orgasms?

Although the best orgasm ever can be beneficial for men and women, from a boost to the immune system to a longer life, accidental orgasms can be difficult. Even if they’re not PGAD-related, these sudden spurts of ecstasy could become disruptive if they happen beyond what is a comfortable rate for you.


So how do you manage them?

  • Steer clear of triggers; this may mean holding off on certain exercises or outdoor activities
  • Try sex or behavioral therapy
  • Check with your doctor if certain prescriptions have side effects related to your accidental orgasm
  • If stress or anxiety plays a part in these unexpected sexual climaxes, try stress management techniques
  • Arrange a check-up to see if blocked or pinched nerves may be causing your spontaneous orgasms

The human body is a weird and wonderful thing. Sometimes it brings pleasure, other times it wreaks havoc on your life. Whether your accidental orgasms happen because of certain activities or something serious, it’s not something to feel guilty about.

Talk to a professional. Seek medical care. Or take control of these spontaneous orgasms — and relish every intense, erotic moment rippling through your weird, wonderful body.

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