Creating a Home Gym: Aesthetic Ideas that Will Affect Your Workouts

The global pandemic has somehow thrown your life off-balance. You only see your office desk twice a month, your pantsuits sit in your closet like museum artefacts, and you’ve polished your cooking skills enough to put Gordon Ramsey to shame. You’ve given up hope of renewing your gym membership, too, and are now determined to make your own at home.

Before you take out your credit card to start this new project, you need to examine some things first to ensure you’re making the right purchases. There are three major elements in a home gym design that people often overlook, which ends up inflating their expenses later.

What Kind of Floor?

No two floors are equal–at least, not when it comes to a home gym. Your choice of flooring is essential to your safety. It is what will absorb the impact of your burpees as well as support your equipment. You should also consider the location of your home gym and how Victoria’s varied climate will affect it.

If you’re uncertain about the material that best suits your needs, seek the help of professionals. Find a reputable source of engineered flooring and have your gym space fitted. Engineered flooring is lighter on the budget compared to hardwood, but it’s just as durable. You won’t have to worry as much about moisture and humidity, and it’ll be easier on your joints. When the time comes that you decide to move your gym or change its function, you’ll have aesthetically pleasing wood to complement any decor.

What Colours?

home gymColours have varying psychological impacts. Your choice of wall paint and decor could mean the difference to your energy levels. Do you have trouble focusing? Opt for white and grey themes. Are you determined to beat your personal records and up your game? Shop your decor in hues of purple. Are you a fan of bold colours like oranges and reds? They’re great options to help you look forward to your daily workouts.

​Identify your goals and use colour psychology to help you achieve them. When it’s tempting to skip on your scheduled workout, put on your gear and hit the gym anyway. The colours you choose can either make you feel lazier or re-energise you to hop on the treadmill.

What Lighting?

Lighting is normally one of the last considerations people make when designing their home gym. Just like colours, however, the type of lighting you have can impact your workouts.

Natural light is still the best option, according to studies. It offers a refreshing ambience and helps sustain your energy level. This is particularly true if you’re used to working out at six in the morning. If you don’t have the privilege of sufficient natural light in your chosen space, go for LED lighting overhead that’s bright but cool. Consider installing a dimmer, too, for when you cool down. Low lighting levels are best for workouts, such as yoga and Pilates. Setting the right ambience through lighting is integral in maximising your effort.

What Works for You?

Changing your floor or installing new lighting might not be projects you can commit to all at the same time. No rule says you can’t achieve your dream gym slowly. Do it at your own pace and with the budget that works for you. What’s important is you make the right decisions regarding your gym floor, colour, and lighting to get the best results.

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