How to Operate a Pellet Stove?

People love it when winter comes. It is fun to play outside the snow and to skate in a lake-turned-ice skating rink. What comes with winter is a significant increase in bills and expenses because of the need to warm up the house. Some people choose to have a fireplace installed in their homes. The sizzle and crackle of burning wood in a fireplace might seem wonderful. However, a traditional wood-burning fireplace is not very efficient. It pulls the heat out of the house through the chimney.

People in Connecticut opt to have fireplace inserts instead of wasting energy on traditional and big fireplace. Besides, being cost-effective, pellet stoves can heat up a place more efficiently than a traditional fireplace. There are some tips on how to operate and maintain your pellet stove.

How It Works

To effectively use and maintain a pellet stove, owners must first know what it is and how it works. The difference between a pellet stove and a traditional wood-burning fireplace is that the former burns compressed pellets. A pellet stove is an electronic heating appliance that offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for your home. It works by pulling the outside air into the stove through a vent then blows out smoke to an exhaust vent. A convection blower blows out heated air into the room. To make the pellet stove deliver heat based on the thermostat setting, owners only need to keep the hopper filled with pellets.


The pellets used in this heating appliance are the by-product of sawmills. Sawdust and shavings are compressed into pellets. These pellets are eco-friendly because they are easy and cheap to manufacture. The carbon dioxide level output of the stove is the same as the carbon dioxide released in natural decomposition.

How to Use the Machine

wood by the fireplace

It is best to read the instruction that comes with the appliance to effectively know and use your pellet stove. Setting up a pellet stove is easy. First, pour the pellets into the stove until three-fourths of the hopper is full. Next, open the control panel and push the on button. The control panel has the on and off buttons, temperature controls, and an option to turn the fan on or off. After turning the stove on, wait for it to start burning the pellets. Finally, turn on the stove fan. The fan will make the air circulate more efficient and keep your home from filling up with smoke.

What to Keep in Mind

When installing your own pellet stove, it is important to know that it is heavy, and owners would need all the help they can get. Pellet stoves work best with a ceiling fan. It helps with air circulation. It is also important to know the measurement of the house to avail of a stove suited for your home. The stove must be set onto a fire- and heat-resistant surface such as tile, concrete, marble, or stone. Depending on the specifications of your home, a stove can be raised onto a pedestal that is at least seven inches higher.

Many homeowners think of switching to a more effective and eco-friendly option when it comes to heaters during winter. Pellet stoves make a great addition to the appliances that you have at home. It burns cleanly and makes you warm during the winter without spending too much money. Best of all, it saves you from the hassle of wood chopping and expensive bills.

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