Hot Lips: What Lip Shapes and Sizes are Attractive?

Plump lips — why does everyone from the famous for being famous Kardashians to Hollywood elites Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow want them?

Voluptuous lip shapes say “sexy,” “young” and hypnotically “attractive.” For most celebs though, the age-defying effect of a lip filler is the goal. For mere mortals who don’t have to appear on gigantic screens (or high definition TV), the come hither impression of a fuller lip is the ultimate achievement in beauty.

But who’s to say that naturally thin lips aren’t as attractive as full lips? And are those the only two shapes in existence?

Which Types of Lips are Best?

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Let’s see. You’ve got full lips, thin lips, wide lips . . . if you stare at every man, woman and child, you’ll notice the different types of lips aren’t limited to two or even three shapes. You’ll come across several familiar shapes and some odd ones you only see on a few people.

For example, Gwyneth Paltrow’s thin lips aren’t the same as Blake Lively’s; the latter’s lower lip is plumper than her upper lip whereas Paltrow’s seem to be thin on both:

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Blake Lively
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Keira Knightley’s lips, by Hollywood standards, are also on the thin side, but compared to Paltrow’s and Lively’s, the British actor’s kissers aren’t wide.

Keira Nightley
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Although these famous women have thin lips, which for some aren’t nearly as sexy as a thick pout, they’ll still grace the covers of magazines and feature in a list of the most beautiful. Thin lips can be beautiful.

So don’t pout when you haven’t been born with full puffy lips. Science even indicates big lips aren’t all that.

According to the Kirikkale University’s Faculty of Medicine in Turkey, the best type of lip should have the following proportions:

  • A top lip that doesn’t go beyond 3.5mm
  • A bottom lip that doesn’t extend more than the 2.2mm

Women who have such lip sizes are deemed to possess the sought-after “perfect pout.” And wouldn’t you know it, that title doesn’t go to Kylie Jenner whose lip filler announcement skyrocketed inquiries for the cosmetic procedure. Professor Nuray Bayar Mulu explains in an interview a woman’s lips should not “enter the room” before the person.

The perfect pout, according to science, goes to Mila Kunis and Kate Beckinsale. Both meet the golden ratio for the most attractive lip shape.

And what are the other lip shapes?

The Different Lip Shapes

To envision the different types of lip shapes, first figure out the parts. Your lips aren’t just made up of the upper and lower part. Different areas make up the entirety, and these parts are:

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  • Cupid’s Bow – it’s the grooved area between your nose and mouth; some will have a more defined Cupid’s Bow, forming what looks like cupid’s bow. And this is where the Cupid’s Bow lip gets it’s name from. You’ll know if you have heart-shaped lips when this part is well-defined.
  • Philtrum – it’s right above the Cupid’s Bow.
  • Vermillion – the red part of the lips, also called the actual lips, where you smear lipstick.
  • Vermillion Border – the line that defines the lips, and where you apply a lip liner.
  • Oral Commisures – these are the corners of your mouth.
  • Tubercules – each person has two, and these parts give your lips volume.

In general, there are six types of lips.

The Full Lips

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What most women are after, the full pout. This type of lip takes on a traditional shape with a defined Cupid’s Bow and a full bottom. If your lips feature a deeper, more defined Cupid’s Bow than the average, you may possess what’s called a heart-shaped lip.

The “Sausage”

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A kind of a full pout, only puffier — like a sausage. Both the top and bottom are full, but the Cupid’s Bow is hardly pronounced, even absent. A “sausage” lip could also be so full, so devoid of Cupid’s Bow and the top and bottom are the same width that it looks almost rounded. So some can call this type of lip the round lips.

The Shelf

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Thin lips come in different shapes; this one features a top lip that protrudes a bit, much like a shelf stacked on another. This sort of lip is lengthier than a full lip.

Gull Wing

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The difference between this shape of lip and the full lip is that that top appears like a gull, extending out like an M and creating a broader type of lip.

Thin Outer

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Some people’s lips tend to be thicker in the middle with the ends thinning out at the corners of the mouth.

The Double Lobe

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When the two tubercules on your lips seem full, on the bottom or top, you have what is called as the Double Lobe lip. This type of full lip can leave you with a sexy pout. Some people have triple lobes, giving the appearance of an even more voluptuous lip.

Some type of lips can be categorized as heavy lower lips (when the bottom has more volume than the top); heavy upper lips (when the top is fuller than the bottom), and wide lips (when the lips are longer than fuller).

Why Do I Have Thin Lips?

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Although having thin lips doesn’t make anyone less attractive, some will still feel the need to enhance them with lip plumper treatments. Some of these treatments include lip fillers at the doctor’s clinic and non-surgical options like a lip gloss that contains a plumping lacquer to temporarily add volume to your kissers.

It’s OK to try a bit of enhancement to feel good, but sometimes one can go overboard. Too much lip plumping is going to make your lips seem like it needs some first aid.

But why do some people have thin lips?

Sometimes it’s just genetics, so it’s natural. This can easily be remedied with makeup tricks, like using a lip liner darker than your skin tone, putting on lipstick that’s lighter and adding a bit of lip gloss. The right combination of lip products can help you achieve a kind of fuller pout that brightens up your smile.

Some people have skinny lips because of age.

Did you know that the lips is the least protected part of the body? Unlike the rest of the skin, lips don’t have hair, sweat glands and contain little melanin. Without these things, your lips are exposed to the sun and other harsh elements, making it susceptible to signs of ageing. And when you age, your lips get skinnier. It loses collagen and muscles around the mouth tend to make wrinkles more pronounced.

How do you slow down the signs of aging on your lips?

Take care of your skin, with sunscreen and exfoliation. Choose lip balms with SPF, so you get the nourishing and protection your lips need. And check your kitchen cupboard for natural exfoliates, like coffee and oatmeal.

Every person’s lip is unique, and one should never be considered more attractive than the other. Yes, full lips can be more appealing than skinny lips. But that shouldn’t keep you from feeling your best, as exhibited by some celebrities who don’t have the sought-after full pout. And as the lip sizes of Mila Kunis and Kate Beckinsale illustrate, attractive lips (according to science) aren’t meant to puff so outrageously out of your face.

When you take care of your skin, use the right lip products and show off your best smile, it won’t matter if you have skinnier lips than usual.

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