Low-Key Exercise: Protecting Your 40-Year-Old Heart from Aging

So you’re in your 40s, and you’re starting to feel the aches and pains of getting older. There are certain types of food that don’t give you the same excitement as before. You’re starting to experience difficulty in remembering things. There are activities that your body can no longer do. Your heart is in the center of all of it.

Any cardiology clinic in Richfield will tell you that keeping your heart healthy is crucial to your overall health, especially as you age. The heart should be able to pump enough blood for your whole body to function properly. If it encounters problems due to bad eating habits or the lack of exercise over the past years, your heart will have a shorter life span, and so will you. But don’t fret. It’s not too late for you to get yourself up and about and get your heart pumping. Here are some activities to include in your daily routine to protect your heart from the aches of aging:

Take 15-Minute Walks

At your age, brisk walking may not be an option, especially if your body is not used to walking as exercise. If you’re just starting to include exercise in your routine, you can begin with a five-minute walk every day for one week. Increase your time by five minutes every week until you find the duration that best suits your walking comfort. Walking at a steady pace for 15 minutes straight will train your body to be continuously active and train your heart to pump more blood as your body increases its needs.

Practice Simple Yoga

You don’t always need to jog or jump around to get your heart pumping. Yoga is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can do the exact same thing. There are many kinds of yoga stretches that not only help your body’s flexibility but also improve the circulation of air in your lungs and blood in your veins. Every move you make in yoga is done together with your breathing. This helps your body release and receive the right amount of air and blood it needs to build a healthy heart.

man running on treadmill

Do Arm and Leg Raises

Building strength in your arms and legs is still important for your cardio-exercise, even at 40. No, you don’t need to do floor push-ups or lift heavy weights to do this. Raise your arms above your head and feel your muscles tighten as you pretend to pull down an invisible rope. You can do this while you’re watching TV or while you’re on your daily walk. For your leg raises, hold on to something for support and raise your legs forward, back, and sideways slowly. Keep in mind that your repetitions are more important than the height of your raises.

Have a Regular Active Hobby

It could be walking your dog to the park once a week, biking around the block a few times, or doing a few laps every weekend. Find an active hobby that gets you moving around comfortably. Anything that will get the blood flowing regularly from your heart to your whole body will help you keep a younger heart.

Life does begin at 40. Therefore, don’t let a little pain worry you too much. Take the big leap of eating healthier and match that up with these low-key forms of exercise and a dash of persistence. Soon, you’ll see how a healthy heart can make you feel lighter, younger, and more energetic in both mind and body.

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