Starting a New Chapter By Redecorating Your Place

Your home can reflect your personality, and sometimes it needs a refresh. Whether you think you have grown or just experienced a major milestone, you can signal a new phase in your life by redecorating your home. Here are some tips on making sure the changes you make reflect the life you want to lead.

Start With A Concept

The best way to start any redecorating project is to start with an idea. Having a unifying theme for your redecoration project can make it easier for you to develop the changes you should be making. To make things simple, you should decide on a theme that can summarize your aim. For example, if you are hoping to change your apartment into something exotic, you might want to go for a Parisian Apartment style. While you might be thousands of miles away from the City of Lights, you can bring that romance and mystery to your home by the smart use of placement and accessories.

Let Your Taste Guide You

Don’t just pick a theme out of nowhere. Your redecoration project is supposed to signal a new start for you, and you need to keep that in mind. The best way for your decorating to reflect your personality is to let your tastes indicate what sort of theme you should be using. For example, if you like a minimalist approach, with muted colors and simple designs, you should focus on a modern decorating style. If something feels wrong, then you shouldn’t go with it. Fresh starts allow you that freedom.

Maximize The Space

One concept that you should always follow, no matter your taste or style, is to maximize all the space in your place fully. Whether it is a small apartment or a large house, changing how space is used can make it look different. With better space usage, there would be less clutter. It would be best if you tried to provide at least some storage for every room. This can be in the form of shelving or small cabinets. For those who want to get fancy, large walk-in closets can be a great luxury.

Colors Can Change A Lot

Another part of your redecoration theme would be to choose a unifying color for your new look. For example, you might want to brighten up your place. Choosing a bright color can be a good choice. But it is even better if you select one and have your entire decorating efforts be based around that color. For example, if you have selected a warm color like brown, you should only allow other warm colors for your rooms. This might include a darker orange to a softer beige color. There can be a lot of surprising variations that you can use to your maximum advantage.

Pushing The Limits Of Your Comfort Zone

While it is nice to be comfortable when you are decorating, it also means that you are not pushing yourself. If you want a fresh start to decorate, you should try and push some of your limits a bit. You can start small if you’re uncomfortable about things. For example, since it is easy to buy bedroom furniture online, you should browse a few websites to see what can push the envelope. You might consider getting a bed in a different style or even a vanity table that can dominate the room. Think of how you can push limits in every room. The results can be surprising and pleasing.

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Clean Things Out

If you want a fresh start, you should seriously consider looking at all you have and throwing things out. There will be some mementos and reminders of the past that you’ll want to keep, but they should be put away in storage. For the true test, you should follow what Marie Kondo says. Ask yourself if something gives you joy. If it does, you should keep it. If it doesn’t, find some way to dispose of it. Cleaning out old belongings can be a good way to clean the slate for your place.

Changes come in your life, and you have to go with it. Though it can be tempting to keep your place the same throughout the years, it needs to reflect the real you. It’s similar to how you wouldn’t find it comfortable to live in your teen bedroom now that you are an adult. Think of it as part of growth.

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