Staying at Home This Summer? Here Are 5 Tips to Cool Down

Utah summers can be brutal. Temperatures can rise up to 37.8 degrees Celsius, especially in July. For those who plan to stay at home during the season, they can learn these five tips to cool down without blasting the air conditioner all day long.

1. Upgrade the Swimming Pool to Fiberglass

A swimming pool is any Utahn’s best friend during the season, but even pools are not created equal. Some materials perform better than others. One of these is fiberglass, which offers the following benefits:

  • It is a durable material that can last for at least 30 years with proper care.
  • It is less heavy than concrete, and it is easier to maintain than either concrete or vinyl liner.
  • Although the installation costs are still high, they are more affordable than concrete.
  • It is also the most energy-efficient than concrete and vinyl liner.

Homeowners can reach out to a custom pool contractor in Utah once they’re ready to upgrade, although they may want to do it now as the demand can balloon.

2. Decrease Humidity in the Attic

Sometimes it’s not only the outdoor temperature that increases the heat. Trapped hot air can worsen the feeling. It happens when warm air rises but has nowhere to go. One of the reasons is the attic.

Utahns can reduce the A/C bills by introducing simple changes in the attic:

  • Fix all water leaks, from pipes to roofs. Water presence raises moisture levels, which contribute to higher humidity.
  • Improve the ventilation system to ensure warm air can get out.
  • Check for air leaks.

patio in the backyard

3. Double Glaze the Windows

Double-glazing involves layering at least two glass panes, each separated by argon. This gas cannot conduct heat well, so it reduces the transfer of such energy between the outdoors and the interior of the home.

Double-glazed windows work well in air-conditioned rooms as they can prevent the heat from coming inside and trap the coolness inside.

Note: Homeowners may also pair these windows with a tint, especially in areas that face the sun.

4. Decorate the Home with Plants

While lounging in a landscaped garden with a glass of mojito can kill the heat, so does adding plants inside the house. Indoor shrubs can reduce temperatures by:

  • Absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen (plants use carbon dioxide to create food and release oxygen in the process)
  • Releasing enough moisture through their leaves
  • Adding green into the home (green is a calming and relaxing color)

5. Skip the Beer

The summertime seems to be a perfect excuse to drink a beer or two, especially during the evening. Doing this, however, may be counterproductive. Beer is a diuretic, which means it increases urine output. Beer drinkers can lose water fast, which results in thirst and even dehydration.

Drinking water remains the best way to stay healthy and keep the body temperature down. It replenishes the fluids the body loses during sweating and urinating without increasing sugar levels.

For those looking for taste, they can flavor their water with watermelons, oranges, and cantaloupes. These are all hydrating fruits.

In a blink, summer will descend in the Beehive State. Those who plan to spend the next three months at home may better prepare with these cost-effective ideas.

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