Suggestions for Large Families Starting to Live in a Smaller New Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience for you and your whole family. Every one of you is most likely thinking about where to sleep, where to put all your items, and what to add to the interior, etc.

But not all families are small in number, and not all houses are big enough to make a family feel comfortable. You might be in that kind of situation, and you may be struggling with how to make use of the space that you have. Here are a few suggestions for you that could make it all work out.

Sharing Rooms

This idea would usually work when you have many young children, but once they grow up, they will require larger rooms and more space. However, even then, you could still make it work without much of a problem. Instead of only having one large bed, you can choose to buy bunk beds or double decks.

Since they’re vertical, you’ll have more horizontal space to put other furniture in such as study desks and closets. All you have to worry about now is finding another mattress or two for your Salt Lake City home. Of course, it would also be less awkward if those of the same gender shared rooms.


Home cabinet with clothesOne challenge that never goes away from a household is how to organize all your belongings, and that’s regardless of how many members the family has. The trick here is putting your storage space into place without getting in the way of the other objects in your house.

Place any large objects and equipment close to the walls or even outside of the house itself. Items that you’d need to use often, such as cooking utensils and clothing, should be in spots that are within reach. If you still need more space, you can choose to install extra storage that you can mount on the walls.

Using the Environment

You don’t need to limit your storage to the house that you get when you first purchase the property. If you have a big enough lawn, then you can choose to build an extension or two to make your home fit your family a little better.

For example, you can build a shed that’s separate from the rest of the residence so you can put in the tools that you don’t use on a regular basis. If you can afford it, you can also have an actual extension built into your home, such as an outdoor lounge area or patio.

As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier.” A large family can be fun to live with and be the source of many wonderful memories. However, getting the living arrangements to work for you can be challenging, especially if you can’t find a house that can accommodate you in a comfortable way. You don’t have to see it as a problem, but you can turn it into an opportunity for the family to work together and bond.

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