Transforming Your Ordinary House into a Summer Paradise

While we’re on quarantine this spring, we’ll certainly notice things around our dwellings that we didn’t pay much attention to before. Perhaps you realized that your home has already lost its past charm, degraded by the elements and poor maintenance. 

In that case, a remodel is a great idea. Repaint the walls, re-shingle the roofs, spruce up your yard, and replace a few worn-out furniture and broken fixtures. And since summer is approaching, why don’t you transform your ordinary outdoor space into a resort-like haven as well? Doing so will surely restore its allure, and maybe your own home will make it to Pinterest’s most pinned dream house photos.

That said, here are some of the best summer home transformation ideas to consider:

1. Refresh Your Deck or Patio

Decks and patios tend to be most used during warm weathers, so if yours need a bit of TLC, repair the areas that appear to be the most problematic, such as the flooring which might already have splinters or the corners where mold and mildew might have already accumulated, for example.

Thoroughly clean up the area with bleach, leave it for a few days, then come back to re-stain and seal the wood flooring. If the awnings are already torn, replace them with high-quality retractable rolling awnings.

2. Make an Outdoor Dining Area

If there’s still room in your deck or patio, consider placing an outdoor dining set in it as well. Dining al fresco with your family and friends in the summer can feel just like a vacation in a real resort. Be sure to have a functioning outdoor grill, too!

3. Build a Pool House

Having a pool is one of the most basic ways to achieve a resort aesthetic in your home, but if you don’t have a pool house yet, you definitely need to build one to enhance the resort quality of your abode. You can simply build a space just enough for a living room or lounge and a shower, but if you’re willing to splurge more, you can add a fully-functioning kitchen in there plus a dining room.

outdoor living area

4. Build a Pergola

The best thing about pergolas is that they suit every season’s aesthetics, so building one for your home is absolutely worth it. You might need a building permit for a pergola, though, so consult your local permitting office before setting to work.

Once you’re all settled, gather all the tools you need, (if you’d DIY your pergola) such as wood and construction tools. Throw in some decor after its finished, such as pavers, flowers, and greens.

5. Shop for Essential and Decorative Outdoor Items

Your outdoor hangout spaces wouldn’t be complete without essential and decorative items. For the essentials, you may include a grill, lanterns, bistro set, doormats, a daybed, rattan chairs, patio umbrellas, and a bar cart in your shopping list if your lack those items. For the decor, just pick accessories that suit your taste, ensuring that they’re designed for outdoor use.

If it’s your first time decorating an al fresco space and you’re a bit overwhelmed, start with planters, rugs, and textiles. If you wish you use your outdoor spaces in the cooler seasons, too, a chiminea will be a worthy aesthetic and functional addition.

With these genius ways to transform your outdoor space into a staycation resort, you’ll meet summer more excited than ever. Use this break to design your dream space and have it ready in a few months.

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