Unique Small-Scale Crops for Sustainable Gardens

Historically, agriculture has been part of our society for thousands of years. Although most crops are grown as a food source, some crops are also grown for different uses. Whether it’s growing flowers for a classy bouquet, cotton for textile and fabric, or fragrant herbs for cooking and as ingredients of perfumes, there are many uses for crops.

If you’re setting up your own sustainable garden at home, knowing the use and unique properties of these crops can alleviate your lifestyle. But what are some excellent crops that are in high demand in the market? Here’s what you’ll need to know:

Assorted Flowers

There’s a wide variety of flowers that you can grow in your garden. Some of the most popular flowers include sunflowers, zinnias, tulips, yarrows, and salvias. Most agriculturists would say that increasing various flowers with different colours can attract business prospects with a flower shop. Being a constant supplier of flowers for shops is known for being profitable, especially on certain seasons where flowers are in high demand, such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

It’s important to remember that some flowers will thrive in different weather conditions. The majority of flowers will often grow during warmer weather seasons.


This indigo-coloured flower is one of the most popular and one of the most expensive spices in the global market. The hefty price tag usually comes from the fact that making such as spice is an arduous and time-consuming process. Naturally, this flower will often thrive in warmer weather conditions, which is why it’s known to thrive in many places in the Middle East. ;

If you’re planning on growing saffron, you might have to do some background research on how you’ll be able to pick the spice from the crocus bulbs since this is where you’ll be getting most of the product. Saffron has various uses, such as being an essential spice for food and an ingredient for perfumes.

This crop is profitable, but the high price is usually attributed to years of labour experience in discerning different qualities of saffron.

When planting saffron, you might need a fair amount of farming land; you should invest in this land by spending on fertiliser, more seeds, and the necessary tools to cultivate it. Fortunately, there are many farm types of machinery on sale to incorporate for your own agricultural needs.


basil plantThis fragrant herb is known for having various culinary uses and is known for being an essential ingredient for pesto, pizza, and other healthy dishes.

Basil is relatively easy to grow and can be placed in small pots. However, basil does lose its fragrance when it starts producing flowers. Usually, the aroma and taste of basil are what keeps it in high demand, so you must keep on trimming basil while it’s in the early stages of growth since that’s when it has peaked in fragrance.

An essential technique to having more yield in basil is trimming the upper parts so it’ll grow sideways, making it bushier.


Just like basil, cilantro is known for being a highly in-demand herb that most people grew for culinary purposes. This ingredient is often used for Hispanic and European dishes. The unique flavor and medicinal properties of this herb make it an excellent alternative to some known medication.


Soybeans are highly in-demand in the Asian market since it’s usually made into food, animal feed, and several other products. This crop is relatively simple to grow and is quite similar to how corn is grown.

If you’re planning on changing to vegan, soybeans are a great “alternative” to meat since they can be turned into bean curds or tofu. Being high in protein means that you won’t necessarily have to eat meat.

Overall, there is a multitude of different plants that you can choose to cultivate in your garden. While some plants are easy to grow, some are relatively “picky” with the soil, weather conditions, and other environmental factors. You should be aware of these to manage their growth.

If you’re planning on maximising your profits from selling these crops, it’s essential to take a step back and think of the necessary machinery that you might need to mass-produce these crops. In most cases, you’ll also need a fair amount of fertile farmland.

You don’t necessarily need heavy-duty equipment when growing the following crops since all you’ll need are simple tools and a green thumb. It’s important not to stress yourself out too much with what you want to plant and have a good time!

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