Using Up All the Empty Space in Your Home

Even with a large house, many people think that they don’t have enough space. This is thanks to them needing more as their family grows. Whether it is extra bedrooms or even simple storage, homeowners are often scrambling for space to use. But it might surprise many of them that they had the space they needed all along. Here are a few house changes that will be sure to help with your space problems

The Basement

If your house has a basement, then you potentially have a lot of space already. Most basements are there for furnaces and boilers, but they can also give your home more options. If you are looking for a new bedroom for your growing child, then fixing up the basement can be a great idea. It is warm and cozy, with the same easy access to the home. You don’t even need to construct an additional room.

Your main focus would be to making it more habitable. This will usually involve partitioning away the furnace into a smaller closet space. Next, you’ll need some good ventilation so that anyone sleeping here is comfortable. You might also want to install carbon monoxide detectors to be safe. Finally, you’ll want to furnish it and some carpeting over the bare floor. You can also think of making it into a game room. Make it a bit more friendly-looking and install some comfort upgrades. You can then have poker nights in a place where you won’t disturb anyone.

If you don’t want to go to the extra trouble, you can turn it into the perfect storage area. Just clean it up a bit and put up some shelving.

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The Attic

Attics are a bit less flexible. The main purpose that you can use your attic for is a cozy bedroom. It is perfect. With a little skylight and a few windows, it can be a great place for a growing child. They can even place a small telescope near their windows for some nice sky watching.

The changes that you need to make are mainly pretty simple. You need to ensure that people don’t need a ladder to get up to the attic. Stairs should be easy to add. Another change that should happen is that you should reinforce the floors. They need to be able to hold more weight on them. You are going to need to work with professionals for this one. Next, there is a need for insulation. The roof of your house receives the brunt of the elements. You want it to be at a comfortable temperature, so proper insulation and waterproofing are essential to keep whoever is up there happy. Finally, you’ll need to finish up the room so that it doesn’t look bare and empty. Furniture will be a pain to bring up, so account for that when building the stairs.

The Garage

While you can’t make a bedroom in your garage, there is still a lot of extra space there. While your car is stored there, it also likely has enough space for a workshop for your hobbies. You can even make it into a small mechanic station. The other option is to have the car out on the driveway and make it into a game room.

You’re going to have to make some big changes, though. For one, the flooring needs to be more than cement. You’ll want flooring that will handle the weight of your car while also being scratch-proof. You can decide to coat the concrete with something. You might also get some vinyl or rubber flooring. Besides that, you need good lighting. Large overhead LED lights are very effective at allowing you to use the room to its fullest. Depending on what you use the room for, you can start adding in workbenches, tables, and more to make the place more comfortable.

Finally, you’ll want to contact a garage door repair and replacement service to change out your garage door or update it. With all these changes, your garage is much more valuable. You’ll want to secure it properly, and you can do that with a better door along with a garage door opener.

All these changes and upgrades are not going to be cheap. Installing flooring, setting up partitions, and more can be expensive. But you shouldn’t think of them as single-use expenses. They will increase the value of your house and pay for themselves in the long run. When you’re out of space, sit down, and evaluate these parts of your home to see whether you can get more out of them.

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