Winter Wonderland: Staying Fit During the Winter with a Baby in Tow

With winter around the corner, it’s crazy to think that we’ve spent almost the whole year either stuck in the house or fearful every time we take a step out the door. But ever since the government loosened some quarantine restrictions, people have started going out. And for many, that involves spending time outdoors to exercise or to let their kids see how the outside world looks like now.

But when you have a baby in tow, it’s harder to do these things because you have to worry about their safety outdoors. What if someone touches them while you are not looking? What will happen if someone near your baby sneezes? Can their bodies take the cold weather already? How are you going to exercise outdoors when you don’t even trust anyone to look after your baby?

There are many gears and pieces of clothing that aim to make sure your babies stay safe outdoors during winter. With the proper winter gear, you can spend as much time as you want outdoors. Also, it will help if you start acclimating them to the weather outdoor now when the temperature hasn’t dropped to almost zero.

What Should Your Baby Wear?

Babies need at least two to three layers of clothing, although it’s not so much about the layers as it is about the material of the cloth. A long-sleeved one-piece footed fleece outfit is the most basic piece of clothing for babies during winter. That’s followed by a cotton sweater and a winter jacket.

Let them wear winter boots on their tiny feet. Then, on their head, put a cashmere children’s hat. Make sure that the whole head and ears are properly covered because you don’t want them to have frostbite on the ears.

Acclimating the Baby to the Cold

Before the winter season sets in, walk around a few blocks near your house with the baby all bundled up in blankets in the stroller. That will acclimate their bodies to the change in weather. A few minutes will do good for the first few times you do this. After a while, you can walk farther or drive to the grocery with the baby in tow.

Don’t shock their bodies by forcing them to get used to the cold climate. You need to do this slowly or your babies will be irritable when it’s time for you to exercise outdoors. If the wind is too biting, don’t force a walk or an errand. If it’s uncomfortable for you, imagine how it is for your babies.

Should You Use a Babywearing Gear?

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You can also try babywearing gear. It’s a wrap or a device that you wear to carry or wear your baby. It usually comes in the form of a wrap or a sling. For older babies, there’s a hard seat that falls above your belly. A babywearing gear frees both your hands, allowing you to move more freely when you do exercises. It’s the perfect gear (as long as your baby is comfortable in it) when you do hikes and run outdoors.

Benefits of Exercising Outdoors With the Baby

The best thing is to leave the baby with a babysitter. However, not all parents are comfortable with the idea. They also don’t want to get stuck at home and not able to see the outdoors during winter. So, the next best thing is to carry the baby with you when you run or hike outdoors. It’s also the perfect way for you to bond with your baby (though they might not be aware of it yet).

Studies showed that babies love spending time with their parents. They are not aware of why they feel grumpy when they are left with the babysitter or even the grandparents. But when parents take them on walks and hikes, babies are less flustered. They are happier. They love the movements when you are wearing them during hikes. You can also tell them stories (even if they don’t understand it yet) or sing lullabies to them.

Wearing your babies during your hikes is a great cardio workout for you, too. That added 10 pounds of baby weight will do a lot for your muscles. But exercising outdoors during the winter isn’t just for you. It’s for the baby, too. It improves their muscular strength and motor skills. Yes, even if they are simply strapped to you.

You will always feel better knowing you have your baby with you than if you leave them with a babysitter. With your mind relaxed, you will exercise better and won’t be in a rush to finish your routine. Make sure to make stops to see if your baby is comfortable or hungry or irritable. Sometimes, you have to make diversions for your baby, but that’s part of this whole idea of exercising with them.

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