A Simple Guide to Having Fun with Your Friends

After an exhausting week of completing your projects and rushing outside a few more times, there’s no better way to relax than to hang out with your friends. But you’ve always spent times indoors, and you want to try something new for once. You have a few enjoyable activities that you think might be great, but you still feel like you need more. In addition to finding the best rooftop restaurant in Singapore, you can do these meaningful things:

1. Go on a food trip

You don’t need a date to eat at a fancy restaurant. Fine dining is an incredible experience. So why waste it on a partner who’s too afraid to order something complicated? Ask your girlfriends to hang out with you and order everything that’s on the menu. Not only will you be able to enjoy the food, but you’ll also get to taste everything on the list.

2. Attend a sporting event

You might not be a fan of hockey or any other sport, but you and your friends can still have fun while watching everyone play and get frustrated with the game. Even though you are not into such events, you should remember that trying something new is always worthwhile.

3. Have a guilty pleasure night

ice cream

There’s nothing more awesome than sharing a few of your guiltiest pleasures with your closest friends. That’s why The Dating Divas suggests that you ask each girl to read about the latest celebrity gossip and have fun. Also, a guilty pleasure night wouldn’t be complete without some of your favourite desserts. You won’t feel the guilt if you don’t dive into your deepest temptations.

4. Have a painting party

If you want to spend the entire night streaming your favourite movies, then why not host a painting party? You can either choose the same picture or let each guest paint whatever they want. You don’t have to be an artist to be great at it. There are various projects for adults that you can certainly try.

5. Enjoy a night at the museum

Thanks to Ben Stiller and his movie, some museums offer after-hours events, so you’ll know what it feels to be at the museum during the night. Some museums even offer interesting programs complete with drinks, DJs, and open access to most exhibits.

6. Have fun with tarot cards

If your friends need emotional support, one great way to show it is letting them get a glimpse of their future. You can grab some friends and schedule a reading so that you can see what’s in store for you in the future.

In the end, these are just a few interesting ideas that you can consider whenever you’re thinking of a night out with your friends. Friday nights can be so much more than parties and getting drunk. You can try something new together and see how it works. The important thing is that you get to spend time with your friends and be able to catch up with them.

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