COVID-19 Self-care: How to Pamper Yourself amid the Pandemic

Self-care is vital in any crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The idea is to take good care of yourself to rise to the occasion. But it’s more than just protecting yourself from the threat of the novel coronavirus. It even goes beyond boosting your immune system and taking care of your body. It is also about fostering your mental health and psychological well-being. Ultimately, you must ensure your overall health and well-being amid the global crisis.

But for the most part, you’ll most likely resort to self-care basics. These include eating properly, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep. Know, however, that self-care includes having some time for self-pampering. Doing so is the best way to combat stress, psychological distress, anxiety, and depression.

Here’s how to pamper yourself in the midst of the pandemic:

1. Indulge in treats

Most self-care tips focus on eating healthy, which makes absolute sense. WebMD, for instance, recommends having a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. This diet includes leafy vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, and some berry fruits. It also asks you to regulate your sugar consumption, fast food, processed meat, refined carbs, and fatty foods. However, our self-care tip includes indulging yourself in treats. Go ahead and eat those candies, chocolate bars, cookies, chips, and even ice cream. It won’t hurt to do so, but (take note) only once in a while.

2. Pursue your interest

The pandemic has forced you to stay in the comfort of your home. But if anything, it has given you all the time in the world to do things you’ve long neglected. Even if you work from home (WFH), you still have ample time to do other things. As such, pursuing your hobbies and interests has never been this important. Go ahead and read your piled-up books, watch ignored movies, and collect your favorite songs. Be sure to kill your boredom and have no time wasted!

3. Start a new hobby

Apart from pursuing your interest, it’s good to start a new hobby during this pandemic. If you have a green thumb, begin indoor planting, outdoor gardening, or hydroponic planting. If you’re particularly skillful and creative, get into handmade crafts like candle-making, home-décor creation, t-shirt printing, embroidery, and even mask designing. While you’re at it, leverage these skills and start making money out of them!

car on the road

4. Have a road trip

Did you know that road trips have surged during the pandemic? Some individuals and families rented recreation vehicles (RVs), went on a road trip, and ended up camping. If home isolation is taking a toll on your mental health, consider hitting the road and traveling. It’s one way to have a fresh view of the surroundings and renew your mind. You can have your family or tap some friends to go with you on a road trip. Just be sure that your rented RV is completely cleaned and disinfected. Also, set health and safety measures in place. The last thing you want to happen is to have a leisure road trip and go home feeling unwell. Still, your health is and will be a top priority!

5. Visit an esthetician clinic

During the pandemic, don’t be a hermit or caveman in the comfort of your home. You’ve probably grown your hair long and in disarray. You’ve most likely neglected your skincare since the COVID-19 outbreak. Now is the best time to pamper yourself and have a makeover. Consider visiting an esthetician clinic to have a facial treatment, laser hair removal, and even micro-blading for your eyebrows. You don’t have to look bad amid a global crisis. Remember that looking good translates to feeling good!

6. Get a spa treatment

It’s good that establishments like wellness centers have reopened this year. As such, you now have to option to visit one and get a spa treatment. This is a great way to have self-pampering. If no spa centers are opened yet in your locality, consider hiring a licensed therapist and get a home massage instead. You need this now more than ever as a way to relax and remove all your stress. Ultimately, getting a regular massage must be a part of your self-care routine.

Take good care of yourself

Self-care is paramount in this global health crisis. Aside from observing self-care basics, consider some of our self-pampering tips outlined above. Go ahead, indulge in treats, pursue your interest, and start a new hobby. Plus, consider having a road trip, visiting a beauty clinic, or getting a spa treatment. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you must take good care of yourself.

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