Fun Things You Can Do When You Visit Charleston

Going on a holiday in Charleston? This place is indeed full of history, which you can only experience with a vacation tour. Find out what makes it an interesting place, the stories behind the popular spots and the explanation of the strange things that envelope this must-see city.

Here are three fun things you can do in the city, which is home to rich world history, a vibrant culture, and that welcoming southern comfort. Read on for more of these exciting activities.

House Tours

Charleston is the oldest and largest city in SC, boasting with beautiful antebellum homes and is the land of the historic Charleston Harbor and pirate ghost stories, too. Needless to say, haunted house tours in Charleston, SC are one of the popular activities here.

Aside from the rich architectural beauty and history of the city, you’ll also get to discover otherworldly facts about some of the oldest homes in it, which is sure to spook out even the bravest soul in your group. And these spooky tours are what make Charleston a must-see for people.

But don’t just take our word for it, try them for yourself and your family, if you dare.

Sunset Tour

Travelers getting on a bus

Experience the city like never before in a relaxing sunset cruise along the waters of the Charleston Harbor. Get to see the locality, off the beaten path, and enjoy the natural scenery and comforting sunset vibe that can only be found in this historical and beautiful harbor of South Carolina.

Get the 411 on low country living as you are guided by a local naturalist and local historian who will interpret the sites you’ll see as you cruise along. Dinner is also served in the cruise, for a full-on, relaxing trip that you and your family will surely enjoy.

But the experience if nothing if you don’t have a loved one or your family to spend it with. So make sure to take along that special someone and your kids to this sunset cruise and experience the romantic sunset in Charleston.

Nature Tour

Explore the rich and amazing coastal wildlife and get to see Dolphins at play during a cruise along the Harbor. If you’re traveling with kids, this is the perfect tour for a fun and educational experience. Discover various marine life habitat as you stroll along the uninhabited shores of Morris Island with the help of a local naturalist.

It’s a great way to enjoy nature and get that much needed time away from the daily distractions from the digital world and the busy urban jungle of the city.

Can’t wait to start your vacation? Get in touch with a certified guide from this locally owned and operated tour company to get all these exciting tour packages organized for you on your upcoming visit and get to experience Charleston like never before!

A guided tour will be very beneficial, educational and convenient for you and your family. You will need an experienced storyteller to guide you as you make the most of the experience here. Have fun!

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