Give Your Garden Shed a Makeover

Having a shed in your backyard gives you more space to store items around the house that you do not use right now but might need in the future.

But it is not exactly the prettiest feature of your yard, is it?

These storage buildings are built to serve a purpose, but that does not mean you cannot do something to make them more pleasing to the eye. Make your shed blend better in your perfectly-manicured yard.

Garden Shed Becomes a Garden

A shed takes a lot of room within your yard, which can be upsetting if you do not have a lot of space for a garden in the first place. So, make it a real part of the garden by giving it a green roof.

A green roof is a simple but great way to use your shed. It will provide wildlife a place to rest on a hot day. It also adds more vegetation in your town.

Moreover, a green roof would absorb the sunlight from above, keeping the interior of the shed — whether you would use it for storage or as an extra living space.

However, not all sheds can support a green roof. Because you would need to put loam and then plants on it, the shed, especially the top, should be sturdy. The roof should also not be too slanted, or you would have a problem keeping the soil and the foliage in place.

A Vertical Garden

If a green roof is not possible because of the structural issues of the shed, consider erecting a vertical garden.

A vertical garden uses space that otherwise would be bare. It serves a similar purpose as a green roof: it gives you more room to grow plants, it adds vegetation in your town, and it can help keep the heat out by shielding your walls from the sun.

Creating a vertical garden is more straightforward than installing a green roof. You can directly attach planters on the wall of the shed or use hanging planters — whichever suits your garden.

Make It Blend Into the Background

garden with shed amongst the plants

The only reason why your shed is sticking like a sore thumb in your yard is that it has a very different style than the landscape. If you are still on the process of deciding what kind of shed to build, look for designs that will compliment your yard.

If you already have a shed, the next best thing to do is pick up a paintbrush and give it a fresh look. Sheds made of wood might not look too out of place in a natural setting, but those that have a metal body need a makeover. Choose a color from nature such as greens and blues.


Keeping your shed tidy is the best — and cheapest — thing you can do to make the space look better. Clutter is unattractive, especially if there are windows in your shed. Even if you use it as storage, things should be arranged so that if you need something, you can easily find it.

Making your shed look good should not be too expensive or complicated. You need creativity and a bit of patience to transform the space into a feature that is functional and enjoyable.

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