How to Effectively Fight Hair Loss

Male baldness is usually associated with older men, but that’s no longer the case. According to the American Hair Loss Association, approximately two-thirds of men in America will suffer noticeable hair loss by the time they reach 35. Although hair loss is a natural process, it can still have a massive negative impact on your self-esteem and self-image. But why exactly are men suffering hair loss this early? And what can you do to prevent your scalp from suffering the same thing?

Hair Loss and Millennials

Researchers in China discovered that men as young as 20 were suffering from receding hairlines. Hairstylists in the United States have also noted noticeable hair loss among millennials. Experts have identified two reasons millennials are shedding hairs like cheap carpeting: dietary changes and stress.

An increasing number of millennials are embracing vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. However, without proper dietary and nutritional considerations, this can lead to nutrient deficiency. Lack of certain nutrients, such as protein, has been linked to premature hair loss.

Millennials are also struggling with immense pressure. Current work hours and environmental factors can all contribute to elevating cortisone levels in the blood. This hormone has been linked with throwing the hair growth process into haywire.

Although you can always consider reliable hair transplants for thinning hair, you can fight hair loss effectively.

Mind Your Diet

Improper diets can and will reduce your hair due to nutrient deficiency. When you switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet, you have to make sure you find appropriate alternative sources of protein and other essential nutrients. Below are some excellent sources of nutrients that promote hair growth.

  • Perfect for ovo-lacto vegetarians, eggs are a rich source of proteins and biotin, a nutrient vital to keratin production. Eggs are also full of zinc and selenium, which are other healthy hair essentials.
  • These are great plant-based protein sources for vegans. Aside from protein, beans also contain zinc, which your body needs for hair growth and repair.
  • These are full of vitamins and antioxidants, all of which contribute to hair health and your general well-being. Berries are rich with vitamin C, which helps create collagen and promotes iron absorption.

Use Shampoo AND Conditioner

When you’re taking a quick shower before heading to work, you might sometimes forget to grab both your shampoo and conditioner. However, both these substances play an essential role in keeping your hair luxurious and healthy. One brand that stands out in the realm of natural hair care is Veana Natural Line.

Shampoo is essential in removing dirt and other particles from your scalp and around your hair follicles. Cleaning this debris from your scalp helps the hair follicles grow stronger and thicker. But shampooing tends to dry out hair follicles, making them more brittle. Conditioners revitalize your hair after shampooing, sealing in moisture, and returning flexibility.

You should also be mindful of your shampoo and conditioner’s expiration dates. These dates indicate when your hair care products are still effective, and minding them can help keep your hair healthier.

Careful Brushing

Your hair needs to be handled with care if you want it to grow strong. Regularly brush and comb your hair. When brushing, it’s wise to use one with wide bristles to prevent tangling. You should also brush it twice a day: once when you wake and one before you go to bed. After taking a bath, you must comb your wet hair gently, as wet follicles are more prone to breakage. Focus brushing from the scalp to the tips, and whenever you encounter any tangles, work them loose slowly with your fingers to avoid pulling out the strands.

Keep Hair Cool

Excessive dryness is the bane of healthy hair, and you must do everything in your power to prevent it. Aside from scheduled shampooing and conditioning, here are some methods for keeping hair cool.

  • Always wear a hat or cap when going outdoors to prevent sunlight from drying up and heating your hair.
  • Look for alternatives to blow-drying your hair to dry it, such as air-drying it overnight or using a towel to tie it up and absorb water.
  • Avoid blow-drying your hair for prolonged periods. Once you’re done blow-drying, cool your hair down immediately using an electric fan or the cold shot setting of your dryer.

Trim Hair Regularly

You need hair cuts for more than just styling. Longer hair tends to get tangled up more often, which can lead to hair follicles getting pulled out. Split ends can also ruin your hair and damage it even more. Hair trimming helps remove damaged strands and encourages them to grow softer. New hair follicles are also more flexible and thus less prone to breaking. Ideally, you should trim short hair every one or two months, and long hair should be cut every two to three months.

Healthy and thick hair can be a source of pride. Preventing stress, the sun, and nutrient deficiency from sabotaging your hair can help you be happy with yourself.

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