3 Frugal Ways You Can Improve Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is a haven. It’s one of the many rooms in your house where you can relax and meditate by yourself. It can also be a place where you can find comfort. It will be nice to have a beautiful bedroom where you feel at peace, but if you’re short on cash, that’s not much of a problem. You can try these hacks:

Functional Furniture

When you open the bedroom doors in your Salt Lake City home, you should be greeted with pieces of furniture that stand out. These pieces will be sort of the backbone of your bedroom. If you don’t have the budget, there are ways to keep your furniture interesting without breaking the bank.

First thing you can do is to restain or repaint each of your pieces. You can use stencil patterns to make their surfaces interesting. On the other hand, an old cabinet or dresser can look attractive again if you put cheap but new drawer pull handles.

Your ottoman or bed could look spic and span again if you DIY an upholstery cover. You can also add some sheets and matching pillows to go with these pieces. These may be simple procedures, but they will make your pieces look new again. Additionally, you can buy an old door or reclaimed wood to use as a new headboard.

Use Thrift Shop Pieces

Thrift shop pieces can be anything from salvage wood to an old sweater. You can use these to give new life to your old things. For example, using an old sweater as a pillowcase is a smart way to prepare for winter. There are also people who like using suitcases as bedside tables.

You can make an old suitcase look new again by using primer and paint. After refinishing it, you can put old picture frames, a flower arrangement, or some books on top of your “new” bedside table. A pile of old suitcases also work great as a coffee table.

Another fun and frugal way to improve your bedroom is by making a DIY display board. You can look for a small secondhand mattress spring that you can repaint. Just leave the distressed look because it will give character to your new display board.

Mix Old and New

modern bedroom

It’s also pretty to have a mix and match of old and new pieces. Some pieces are brand new, but are still inexpensive. By mixing and matching, you allow some pieces to stand out. You can try buying new sheets or curtains to complement other old pieces.

DIY is also a great idea if you want to spend less when you redecorate your bedroom. You can make fringe pillowcases by sewing the pieces together. This is easy to do if you have a background in sewing and embroidery. You can also repaint your walls and go for bold colors. On the other hand, you can go neutral if you want a soothing look for your bedroom.

Is it possible to improve your bedroom when you’re on a budget? Yes, it is. Just keep an open mind and start your dream project today.

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