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Let your life be light

Simplify your life with inspiring, engaging and informative stories that let you forget about the existence of stress.

We believe in the calming luxury of a slow lifestyle because in today’s highly digital world, you need to take time for what truly matters: fitness, health and wellness, and travel. Otherwise, you miss out on the good stuff and focus too much on what could bring you more anxiety.

We also cover beauty and fashion stories — because what is life without a bit of glamor. And to keep it exciting, we’ve got the occasional articles on sex.


Searching for the Meaning of Life?

Our contributors also bring you insights on the symbolism of life. If you want to find out what it means to see a falling white or black feather, you’ll discover it right here. Alongside the mystical, we give you straightforward, no-nonsense guides on living, from low-cost home improvements to gardening.

Life can be a lot less complex. Let Fine Feather Heads show you how.

Click a page and discover a lifestyle that lets you enjoy every moment.

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