5 Things to Remember for Central Air-Conditioning Maintenance

The average cost of repair for central air conditioning in Provo may cost around $420 on average, although the price may be more or less expensive depending on how you’ve maintained the unit. Here are five simple steps to avoid spending more than necessary on repairs.

Take Note of the Unit’s Lifespan

When did you first use the central AC unit? New systems can last for up to 15 years with proper care and maintenance, so you should consider repairs for your unit if it’s relatively new. Some units may only last at least 12 years despite taking good care of them, but that doesn’t mean neglecting routine maintenance with the end goal of replacing the unit. Poor maintenance can lead to a shorter lifespan than 10 years.

Replace Filters and Ductwork Regularly

Homeowners should replace the AC’s filter at least once every month. If you or anyone at home has allergies or respiratory illness, you should consider replacing filters more frequently. Avoid placing things near the air compressor for unrestricted airflow. You can remove dirt and debris from the outside compressor by using a garden hose with minimal water pressure.

If your central unit has ductwork, it must be cleaned once every three years. This prevents dust to accumulate inside and contribute to poor indoor air quality, especially for homes with carpeted floors.

Check the Natural Ventilation at Home

You can limit your AC expenses by checking the natural flow of air inside the house. For instance, proper ventilation in the attic can reduce up to 12% of your total HVAC expenses. Make sure that ducts and vents are properly insulated to prevent leaks, which happens when cool air escapes through cracks.

Monitor Your Thermostat Level

Modern furnace setting panel

The best thermostat setting during the summer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. A lower setting like 72 degrees can increase your utility bill by almost 50%. Don’t place lamps and TV sets near the thermostat. Heat-producing appliances can affect how the thermostat analyzes indoor temperature.

Negotiate With Different Contractors

You should inquire with at least three contractors and negotiate quotes for routine service. Unlike window units, central AC systems have complex parts that require the skill and experience of a plumber or HVAC specialist. Save money by hiring a company that operates in multiple areas in Utah, so you won’t have to find a new plumber just in case you move into a new city. Avoid hiring a general contractor for AC repairs because you may need to pay at least $50 for additional fees.

The cost of repairing a central AC shouldn’t cost more than half the price of a new unit. Otherwise, you should just replace the unit to avoid spending on repairs. Some types of problems are bound to recur even if you have them repaired, which means you’ll be wasting money. Hire a licensed plumber that specializes in heating, plumbing and electric services with 24/7 service, although try to contact them during their working hours to pay standard rates.

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