Does the 666 Angel Number Mean Something Big?

The numerical sequence “666” is generally associated with the dark side. In the Book of Revelation, it’s the mark of the beast. But according to numerologists, “666” isn’t the exclusive digits of the devil. For many who believe in the power of signs and spiritual messages, the infamous numerical sequence may even be a message from your guardian angel. Thus, creating the 666 angel number.

What Does the Angel Number 666 Mean?

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The spiritual universe has a unique way of communicating to mere mortals. Sometimes you’ll come across a brown feather, which could mean your guardian angel is nearby, looking after you. Other times, you’ll see random places or things with the same number sequences.

The repeating numbers you see are called angel numbers. They range from 0 to 9, and typically come in a triple sequence, as in “666.”

So what does the 666 angel number mean?

It means balance — and that you may be in desperate need of it.

When you see this sequence everywhere you look or go, your guardian angel could be telling you to pay attention to your professional and personal life. It could be a warning sign that you’re straying from the better path — and may be focusing too much on the material gains of life.

Maybe you’ve been running yourself ragged at work and neglecting your well-being. The constant appearance of “6” may be your guardian angel’s way of saying, slow down and find a way to live a healthier  life.

The necessary life change may also be steering you toward a more fulfilling life, one that is encouraging you to find your purpose to give meaning to your existence.

The bottom line is, the 666 angel number’s meaning seeks to divert you from a path that may not be the best for you and reroute you toward a life of harmony.

So don’t despair when “666” starts showing up wherever you go. The universe may be telling you to return to your spiritual journey and not get caught up in equating your worth with material possessions.

What Does 66 Stand For?

Sometimes you’re not going to see this number in threes; you’ll see it in twos: 66. Its appearance also means something.

The angel number 66 signifies a message about creativity, abundance and optimism. Similar to the amplification of 6 appearing in threes, the meaning of angel number 66 is also amplified. So the message is doubly powerful and doubly intensified.

So what could be the message when you see the 66 angel number?

The message will depend on where you are in your life.

  • If you’re experiencing a stressful time, at home or at work, your angel may be sending you a message of support. The meaning of angel number 66 is then calm and restoration.
  • If you’re dealing with family problems, seeing the number 66 is your angel’s way of telling you to have faith and that a divine source is working to intervene on your behalf.
  • If you’re working on a project, your angel may be sending a message of inspiration and guidance to help you realize your goals through the number 66.

Overall, the angel number 66 means healing and love. So it’s a message of support from a divine energy whenever you see it, kind of like the meanings certain feathers convey.

What Do Certain Angel Numbers Mean?

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Angel messages come in different numbers, from 0 to 9. If 6 means balance, what do the other angel numbers say?

111 Angel number

The Universe is telling you to listen to your inner voice and it will lead you on the right path. It could also mean that your guardian angel is urging you to let go of your fears, to focus on positive energy and follow a less “intense approach” to life, so you can direct your attention on your blessings.

222 Angel number

Have faith in your personal beliefs while avoiding negative thoughts. When you open up yourself to possibilities, you’ll welcome new opportunities — for your professional and personal life. Incidentally, the number 2 is associated with good fortune.

333 Angel number

The meaning of this angel number covers self-improvement in two ways. One, you haven’t been taking care of yourself and your guardian angel has taken notice. The alignment of your body, mind and soul is out of sync. So you need to restore balance, as the angel number 666 also conveys. Two, you need to work on yourself by finding satisfaction in your abilities and believing that you are valuable to the world for your unique energy.

444 Angel number

Never give up, never surrender, says the Universe. Angel messages are generally of support, and this sequence is one of them.  Your guardian angel believes you have what it takes to achieve your goals, that you have nothing to fear. But you must persevere and persist no matter the obstacles.

555 Angel number

A transformation is about to take place in your life. This major life change will tell you your life’s mission and deliver your desired results. But maintain a positive attitude and free yourself from uncertainties.

777 Angel number

Good job, mortal. When you see this angel number, it’s a positive sign that you’re doing well and your guardian angel is sending a congratulatory message — an affirmation that you’ve achieve balance and strong wisdom. Expect many more good things to come.

888 Angel number

The Universe encourages you to continue working harder because wealth is within your reach. Your guardian angel is working for you as well, leading you to financial abundance. And on your path toward material success, do not compromise your integrity.

999 Angel number

This angel number sequence means a chapter is coming to its end. It’s a sign to look toward the future by eliminating negative energy and living with positivity. When you see 999 with greater frequency than other angel numbers, your guardian angel is urging you to follow compassion and integrity.

What about 000 angel number’s meaning?

Zero is infinity. It also represents rebirth and a starting point. So if you see this sequence everywhere you look, your guardian angel is telling you to be prepared for a tremendous change. If you have been ambivalent about taking a fresh start, the appearance of 000 is the Universe’s way of saying to take a step.

From the 666 angel number to the angel number 000, mystical figures are signs that come with varying meanings to different people. And they serve merely as guides. The point is that when you see enough of these signs, pay attention and take an introspective moment to decipher your guardian angel’s message. Whatever that message is, take comfort in the divine guidance that could change how you are or where you are in the world.

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