7 Elements to Create a Boho-Chic Style Home

Boho-chic style is inspired by nomads and artists, with many considering it as a life’s collection. Bright colors and bold patterns rule these gorgeous spaces, and virtually anything goes. However, if you don’t have the time or patience to travel the globe and collect precious trinkets, there are still numerous ways you can spruce up your home—and make it a bohemian paradise.

After closing the deal on your land for sale, you can start planning and building your dream home. Leave the design essentials to the architects, and you can focus on how you want each room or space to look and feel.

If you’re looking to bring the ‘boho’ look into your house, there are several elements you can add to help you capture those vibes immediately.

Eclectic Patterns

No boho-chic home is complete without bold patterns. Adding this crucial element to your humble abode can instantly brighten it up and make it more inviting. You can achieve a ‘free-spirited’ atmosphere by introducing various patterns and colors to a room. You can do this by adding multi-patterned or printed bean bags or scatter cushions to your living room or bedroom. Throwing a couple of comfy and vibrant oversized pillows in your living room decor is also a great way to achieve a genuine bohemian experience.

Vibrant Colors

When it comes to choosing colors, avoid a monotone interior by settling for a bare backdrop. It’s best to choose one color for the walls to add a personal touch to your space and embellish it with your favorite artwork pieces.

Vintage Decor

An element synonymous with bohemian interiors is vintage decoration. It’s your chance to visit mysterious second-hand and antique stores, giving you classic pieces to add to your space. This element has become crucial to the boho-chic aesthetic as ‘true bohemians’ were vagabonds with minimal money and mostly inherited their possessions.


Besides color and patterns, one of the most crucial parts of the boho-chic aesthetic is texture. Wicker, weave, and wood is standard boho decor elements as they efficiently add a layered look to any room. It’s a great way of creating a rich and vibrant interior space. Things you should consider adding to your house are baskets, planters, macrame pieces, fiber rugs, wood furniture, and upholstery. Then, start moving them around and playing around with different shapes and materials until you feel it’s ‘right.’

Additionally, more is better in bohemianism, so make sure to add a couple of things you love.

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Handmade and Natural

Since artists traditionally inspire the boho-chic style, look for handmade goods and unique creations that inspire individuality. You can find this in artistic pieces like paintings, sculptures, and other artwork made by hand. Additionally, handmade decoration supports local artisans and small business owners, allowing you to spruce up your home while helping others, making it a win-win situation.

Besides handmade things, boho-chic also encourages the use of natural elements, mainly wood. Whether present in furniture or accents, wood is a crucial feature in any boho space.

Plants – Lots of Them

No Bohemian interior design is complete without the presence of plants. The role of nature plays a crucial role in boho-chic designing, bringing the natural world indoors while improving the air quality around your home—adding an energetic vibe to any room. When it comes to adding plants, there’s no rule for bohemian design. You can use plants as you please, and pretty much anything goes.

A popular choice, however, is succulents. These tiny plants vary in shape and texture and add a sculptural or ‘artsy’ look to any room. The best part is, succulents are relatively low maintenance and only require a little sun and occasional watering. Other choices that can complete the ‘boho’ look are snake plants and dracaenas.


The traditional gypsy style conjures up pictures of gorgeous embellishments, ranging from eccentric beads, and tassels to over-the-top fringes—and these are often blatant adornment in classic boho-chic interior design. These decorative embellishments can give your home’s interior the ‘wow’ factor it needs, setting your abode apart from the rest. You can do this by making a selection of random pieces that enhance the bohemian design you like. Whether you’re going for Western or European boho style, ensure there are several embellishments here and there.

Boho-chic refers to an eclectic combination of rich colors, bold patterns, and textures. This relaxed and global-inspired aesthetic strays away from traditional design, creating layered and eccentric yet gorgeous designs. Embrace the boho-chic style’s laid-back designs with the bohemian decorating ideas mentioned—giving you a cozy and magnificent home.

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