A Bathtub Fit for Your Grandpa

Growing old can be hard for some people. It can be lonely when your closest friends start kicking the bucket, making that list of people to call on your phone book get shorter. It forces you to face the fact that eventually everyone dies and that it’s only a matter of time.

But that’s not even the saddest part of growing old. A lot of people often make peace with the fact that eventually they’ll die. The saddest part of growing old is when you can’t do things on your own anymore. You cannot wash yourself or walk down a flight of stairs without almost having a heart attack.

Fortunately, the emergence of a walk-in bathtub has given seniors hope that even though their eyesight has deteriorated and their strength has almost left them, they can still do one thing without the aid of another person. Having a walk-in bathtub in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the country isn’t just an amenity to make things easier for seniors to bathe themselves. It’s also a way to let them know that they can still be independent as they once were.

The Benefits of a Walk-in Bathtub

Managing the pain

A walk-in bathtub does not just clean you up; it also has a mechanism that can soothe your tired muscles and painful joints. Almost all walk-in bathtubs are capable of alleviating pain caused by arthritis and sore muscles. All you have to do is to adjust the heat of the water to soothe your aching muscles and joints. If your walk-in bathtub has nozzles that jet-sprays water, you can use them to simulate a Jacuzzi in your bathroom, which can also be invigorating to the body.

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Bathing can still be a one-man-job

Realizing that you can’t do a lot of things on your own can be depressing. It may be nice when your son or daughter helps you carry the groceries every now and then, but it can be frustrating sometimes when you need help even in the bathroom. Some things you do in the bathroom are best left to being taken care of you and only you.

But sadly, growing old really takes away some of our independence—not with the walk-in bathtub, though. If you have a walk-in bathtub, you can still bathe yourself without anyone helping you. Walk-in bathtubs are designed to let an individual get in and out of their bathtub without having to lift his legs and risk slipping and hurting themselves.

If you have a walk-in bathtub, all you have to do is to open the door, get in, sit comfortably, fill it up with water, and you’re ready to bathe yourself. Once you’re done, you can drain the water, step out of the bathtub, and dry yourself off without the help of anyone.

Being able to bathe yourself may be trivial for some people, but for seniors, it’s a small victory that can boost their ego and make them happy once more. They feel like they have gained some of the independence they thought they have lost. Being able to bathe yourself even in your twilight years could mean that you are still capable of taking care of yourself. Therefore, you can stave off the moment someone decides to send you to a retirement home. It may be trivial for some, but even the simple act of bathing one’s self is a surge of hope for seniors.

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