A Guide to Decorating a Garden Room

A conservatory or garden room is a wonderful addition to your home. It will add beauty and style to your house and serve as a sunny relaxation area or your airy gateway to the outdoors. If you’re currently thinking about building a garden room, you must first have an idea of how it should look like and how you want to use it. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Use Pale Paintwork

Plants are the stars in most garden room designs. Highlight their rich green color and the pop of vibrant petals by using pale paint on the structure. Go for the classic white or cream to make the leaves and flowers stand out. Also, consider using neutral colors with your choice of flooring and furniture.

Go Rustic

Garden rooms, sunrooms, conservatories, and orangeries are not a new concept. They have been around since many decades ago, which explain the usually classic traditional look they have. While glazing materials create a modern feel, you can still go rustic by using conventional materials. Use antique-looking bricks on the floor and partner them with furniture with a distressed look to give the room a rustic charm.

Establish an Outdoor Vibe

Give your garden room a seamless transition to your outdoor space. Other than decorating with plants, you can also use design elements with botanical prints. It’s also wise to incorporate natural materials, such as wicker furniture, driftwood decors, and earthen flowerpots. This way, you can establish an outdoorsy vibe that will make you want to lounge a little longer under the sun.

Rooftop garden in urban setting

Give It a Purpose

Build a garden room that is versatile and valuable. For instance, you can turn it into a breakfast area by setting a nice table and chairs on one side. You can also transform one corner into a mini library where you can display your books and add a lovely study. If you’re into vegetable gardening, how about adding custom shelves for your pots of herbs and veggies?

Use Statement Furniture

Your choice of furniture can affect the overall look and feel of your garden room. Make a statement by choosing stylish and exciting pieces. A lime-washed oak dining table, for instance, is both a lovely accent and a great conversation starter. A pastel-color daybed will add a subtle pop of color while inviting you to sit and relax a little longer. Chairs made from reclaimed wood also make interesting and eco-friendly additions to your garden room.

Go French and Fancy

If you want a more luxurious garden room, you’ll never go wrong with French-style chairs. These pieces are made from painted wood and have vibrant, elaborate designs that create an air of sophistication and grandeur. Decorate the room with formal ornaments, such as fancy candleholders and vases. Add a vintage-style chandelier, and you get a fantastic place to impress your guests.

You are free to mix and match style elements to build and decorate your garden room. It pays, though, to create a uniform look by sticking to a particular theme. As a last piece of advice, never compromise your comfort and living space requirements. Aesthetics play an essential role in building any home structure or room, but make sure that functionality is never overlooked.

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