A smile that is natural yet perfected

There is a fine line between creating that picture-perfect smile and ensuring that it suits the individual who is graced with it. Rest assured that dentists who are specifically trained in cosmetic services such as lip fillers Harley Street know that a smile goes beyond just healthy teeth and gums. They use their vast experience, training and knowledge to work with only the best of resources to allow their patients to see their true beauty come out from within.

By offering facial aesthetics as an option, dentists can integrate oral health care with cosmetic care, bringing together these closely linked services and giving their patients confidence in their abilities.

Who better to have working with these very fine-tuned and precise cosmetic enhancements than a professional who has spent several years closely studying this part of the body. Facial anatomy and structure are integral to the foundation of oral health care and as such, dentists know how to best create the most ideal smile with everyone’s unique features.

What are some of the treatments available?

Dentists frequently use some of the commonly used relaxants for other purposes in oral health care and already have experience with this substance. They are used to reduce unconscious bruxism, reducing wear and tear on teeth and alleviating headaches. For certain people, it can also be a way to reduce snoring or sleep apnea, which can be extremely disruptive to the health and wellbeing of the person in question and their loved ones.

Other substances include fillers and can be strategically placed around the face to plump and create a fresher, more youthful appearance. This filler naturally occurs in the body and is, therefore, a safe material, proven over the years by millions of successful treatments worldwide.

It can also be used to reshape any troublesome areas of the face for patients, such as the nose and lips. By discussing expectations and desires with a professional, there can begin a mutual understanding whereby the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Patients need to understand realistic expectations and professionals need to combine their patient’s desires with their skills in creating that natural and subtle look to offer that outstanding final result.

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How does this treatment work?

After the initial consultation where a plan has been made, it is only a short treatment that has minimal side effects and needs no recovery time, meaning patients can do this treatment during a lunch break, after work or whenever they can find the time to improve their confidence and smile.

A series of small injections are made into predetermined sites after a numbing solution is added so that there is no discomfort. The effects of this treatment are instantaneous and can last for a couple of years depending on the location.

When it is used on the lips, which is one of the more frequently favoured options, the effects last a little, up to a year, because this area is a high-use zone. Should a patient wish to learn more about this experience, they are warmly invited to contact the dental practice for more information.

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