ADHD: Wholesome Methods of Building Your Focus

When it comes to working, studying, and doing a hobby, we tend to give it 100% of our attention and focus. Usually, the only time we don’t usually give it our full focus is when we’re distracted or multi-tasking. Of course, the process of focusing on the task at hand and being able to effectively multi-task is usually influenced by upbringing and how the person will be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment. However, there are cases that a person will have attention problems that can run in the family in the form of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

While a person with ADHD can focus on a particular task to a certain extent, it can be difficult for them to have a normal life when it’s hard for them to focus. ADHD is a condition where most individuals will have recurring fits of inattention, impulsive behavior, and hyperactivity that can interfere with their daily tasks, social life, and overall development. Although there is no known cure to ADHD, certain medications can address the symptoms and increase the focus of an individual to live a normal life.

But how does it affect their lives? What can be done about ADHD? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

The Effects of ADHD on a Person’s Daily Life

Most individuals can focus on a certain task for a certain amount of time. In most cases, an average adult will have an attention span of around 20 to 25 minutes before they start to get distracted easily.


People with ADHD also tend to make hasty decisions or cannot make a decision at all since it’s harder to weigh in the consequences of their actions, which can often lead to accidents when they are in harmful environments. Most individuals with ADHD will usually do this since they are looking for attention, validation, and acceptance from others.

Hyperactivity and impulsiveness can also cause various social problems for the individual, especially in the form of fidgeting. This type of restlessness wears out not only the afflicted person but also others around them, which can eventually cause strains in their relationship with others.

Is It Common?

When it comes to children still developing their skills and learning, ADHD is known for being one of the most common mental health disorders in this age group. Not only will it continue until the teenage years, but it can continue up until adulthood if it is not properly addressed.

Most children with ADHD are quite inattentive, hyperactive, and will have difficulty controlling their impulses, which can interfere with their social life.

When it comes to adults, ADHD is more prevalent in men and is usually diagnosed even at an early age. This is especially true when they start having problems with staying focused at work. Adults who have ADHD will usually impulse buy, have a harder time managing schedule and time, and won’t have a clear long-term goal.

Causes and Risk Factors

Although ADHD is innate and can be caused for a variety of different problems, it can also be caused by environmental factors and problems with development during early ages and pregnancy.


Risk factors include:

  • Head trauma and brain injury at an early age
  • Low weight during birth
  • The baby was born prematurely.
  • The mother was exposed to stress during pregnancy.
  • The mother’s body has been exposed to alcohol and smoked while she was pregnant.
  • Exposed to a variety of different chemicals that are poisonous to the body during pregnancy.
  • The child has been exposed to toxins at an early age.

But even though the signs and symptoms of ADHD might manifest at an early age and persist towards the person’s adulthood, it can still be addressed through the following means:

Proper Training and Briefing

From a business perspective, training employees with issues with focusing can help them concentrate better on tasks. Normally, this is done with strict rules, regulations, and regimens that can ensure their safety while ensuring that they can focus for an extended period.

Business owners and employers must pay attention to employees with ADHD while giving them proper training on safety equipment while also making them aware of their situation. A person who is unaware of their condition while working in an industrial workplace or any environment with heavy machinery can have a higher likelihood of getting into accidents. Therefore, proper training, awareness, and counseling are needed in the workplace.

Still, employers must invest in safety equipment for workers and employees to mitigate industrial and work-related accidents. In the manufacturing industry, having efficient and responsive equipment such as custom plastic molding are known for being safe and easy to use, but will still need a good degree of focus and attention.



Two types of medication can be used:

  1. Stimulants — This is one of the most common medications but can only be taken under strict supervision. This will usually increase the production of dopamine in the brain, which is essential for critical thinking and a better attention span.
  2. Non-stimulants — Some medications don’t necessarily have to be stimulants that can improve attention and focus. In some cases, this is taken by students together with non-stimulants to help with studying or taking tests together with stimulants.

Lifestyle changes

Making various lifestyle changes can help ensure that ADHD is placed at a “minimum.” If ADHD is a pattern in a person’s behavior, it can be undone through key changes in a person’s behavior. Children should keep a schedule and a daily routine from this moment towards their bedtime. Most would suggest having a “to-do” list. You can also encourage your child to have an organizer and help them take notes of their homework. Making rules consistent is also a great way of making things simple and easy-to-learn.

For adults, placing this in important key places will ensure that they are not forgotten. Most experts would suggest breaking down tasks into a list so that they can easily feel a sense of accomplishment from doing it.

ADHD can be frustrating for children and adults alike that want to work and be productive for the rest of the day. But even though it can be annoying, it is possible to break from this “trance” and focus on what you want with the right treatments.

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