How to Avoid Home Office Fatigue?

COVID-19 forced offices to change the way work operates. From reporting to offices to now staying at home and keeping everything digital. This has forced many to work and juggle life in their own homes. As much as this sounds like a fever-dream for introverts, this setup has increased fatigue and burnout potential to many. At first, this remote setup was tolerable. But a sudden change in routine is hard to maintain. Humans being social beings can take a toll eventually in the long run with the need to go out of our secluded spaces.

Studies have already established that isolation protocols in the pandemic can seriously affect a person’s mental health. It is hard to keep up when your surroundings are constantly changing. It can result in anxiety, depression, and the feeling of being lost. The new setup also increased people’s screen time and physical inactivity that can impede one’s health. A research paper about physical health in COVID-19 isolation points out the kind of effects it can have on us. It mentions that the lack of physical activities we carry out every day increases the risks of muscle atrophy, weight gain, vitamin D deficiency, and cardiovascular diseases. When we combine the two, it can result in fatigue and health decline.

There is also an increased trend of people in social media who started voicing out their need to have their backs “cracked like a glowstick” because of the back pain and strain they’ve acquired from prolonged sitting. Another example includes people on social media worrying about developing back problems and seeking scoliosis treatment options. With that, viral videos on chiropractors treating their patients have become popular.

How Do We Live Healthily When Our Surroundings Are Unhealthy Then?

Good question. We have already established how hard it is to keep a healthy, outgoing lifestyle when the situation challenges it. But there are still some ways we can try to remedy it. First of all, we must be in a healthy headspace to carry out tasks in life. Making time for self-care every day is a must. It can be in the form of watching a series you love or pampering yourself. Do something different from what you do for 12 hours every day. Change your scenery.

Next is addressing your physical inactivity. Going to the gym is a solution, but it can still be risky because of the virus. A good alternative is working out at home. Do some stretching before you work and after you’re done with work. You can also try doing yoga, which is a good way to stretch your muscles, especially after sitting for a prolonged time. Or if you do not want to commit to doing a fitness routine, you can try building the habit of stretching every after 3 hours of prolonged sitting. The most important thing is that you move those muscles constantly.

Socializing in the Pandemic

Now onto our social lives. COVID-19 stripped us of our ability to have a social life as bars have closed, and social gatherings are not allowed. But we can still make the most out of it. Scheduling a group hangout online can be an option. Platforms like discord or zoom can be useful in organizing these. But sometimes we need real-life human interaction, and that’s okay.

While observing proper health protocols, you can visit a friend or two to quench your need for human interaction. In times of a global crisis, it is important to have a support system that can make you remember that everything will be okay and that you are not alone. This is why isolating yourself more while being isolated from the rest of the world is not a wise idea.

Loneliness can also be another side effect of pandemic-induced fatigue. Keeping yourself company can do wonders in improving your outlook on the situation. If you have the time, energy, and money, you might want to consider adopting a pet. Pets are proven to boost your body’s production of feel-good chemicals that can boost your mood. Plus, you can never go wrong with a cute companion.

The Pandemic Is Temporary

It is important to remember that the pandemic is temporary, and with the help of our advanced medical techniques, we can soon go back to normal. Do not let the pandemic consume your dreams and aspirations in life. In this time, everyone should treat each other with compassion and care. And that your feelings of doubt and darkness are valid.

Just remember to take a break when you need it, and reach out to people for help when you are overwhelmed. Knowing when to stop doing things to put yourself first is the most important in keeping yourself healthy in a pandemic.

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