Beat the Heat Without Your Air Conditioner

Heat waves sometimes rip through the country and leave a trail of destruction. If you think that you could not take any more of this natural occurrence, you had better prepare because scientists believe that the waves will become more prevalent in coming seasons.

As hot temperatures become the norm, it pays to have a few ideas of how to counter the heat. You have several options on how you can stay cool without the air conditioner, aside from calling an AC repair expert near your home in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Use Evaporative Cooling Method

The evaporative cooling method has several names: desert cooler, swamp cooler etc. By principle, this method is ideal for low humidity conditions because it involves the exchange of air between the indoors and outdoors. Many homeowners would be excited to try out this method, as it costs only half of the central ac in terms of installation.

In basic terms, the setup comprises of a fan on the side of a water basin. As the water evaporates, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air. The fan blows the cool air and sucks in more warm air. With correct sizing, installation and maintenance, evaporative cooling can be an ideal option if you do not have a conventional ac system to take you through the summer. You do not need to worry if you cannot afford commercial cooler- DIY solutions are equally effective. Place a basin full of water in front of a fan, and that’s it!

Enhance Room Air Circulation

The key to any air conditioning solution is adequate air circulation. Even without an air conditioner, you can still improve room air circulation in any area. Again, you will need a quality fan for this. Mid-range options do not cost much. Some of the features to insist on are durability, remote control and dual capability.

An attic fan is a perfect idea because a lot of hot moist air tends to collect in that upper section. This fan removes the air and enhances a cooler and healthier home. Do not forget to keep doors and windows open, which is the most affordable and effective solution for better airflow.

Combining windows/doors and the placement of the fans depends on the situation. For instance, if you aim to cool several rooms, leaving only one window open and blowing outwards gives the best results.

Control the Humidity

sleeping by the refrigerator

Unbeknownst to many people, it is the humidity in the air that makes rooms uncomfortable, not the air temperature. High humidity makes sweating difficult because evaporation is slower. Evaporation of sweat is part of the body’s mechanism to regulate body temperature. Under intense humidity, you not only feel hotter, but you could experience health problems. Invest in a hygrometer to discover what level of humidity you are dealing with, and a dehumidifier to enhance comfort.

Making it through a heat wave may seem impossible, especially if there is no air conditioner in the house. If you want to escape the heat, contact your AC service provider in Knoxville, Tennessee immediately or use these strategies to beat the heat. With a few basics and simpler gadgets, you can make your more livable.

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