Best Concealers For Oily Skin

Every person’s skin contains natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands under each pore. These oils, called sebum, help maintain skin health and hydration. Sometimes, these glands can produce excessive amounts of oil, producing oily skin.

You might have oily skin if your skin appears shiny, and you must use multiple blotting sheets daily. Even if you clean your face just a few hours earlier, your face can still feel greasy. Oily skin increases the chances of developing pimples because sebum mixes with dead skin cells and clogs pores. The skin issue can result from environmental, genetic, or lifestyle factors. It may not be possible to eradicate oily skin, but you can adopt measures to make it less oily.

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Using a good concealer is one of the most effective ways to reduce the appearance of oily skin. Several types of concealers are available in the market, and selecting one that best suits your skin type is crucial. This article rounds up some of the best concealers for oily skin:

List Of 15 Best Concealers For Oily Skin Tones

1) Maybelline

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer, is a multi-use concealer that can help erase the appearance of dark circles, correct redness, and brighten dull skin. It’s currently America’s top-rated concealer.

You can get a more youthful look with the anti-aging concealer. This concealer is designed to treat under-eye areas with Haloxyl, reducing the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, redness, and dark spots. Regular use makes your eyes appear brighter, more rested, and refreshed.

Maybelline offers a variety of concealer over foundation options with sheer, medium, and full coverage and formulas (liquid, stick, and cushion), as well as concealers, primers, contour, highlighter, and pressed powder to help you achieve flawless makeup base.

What We Like

The concealer is perfect for super pale, pinkish skin. Unlike other brands with wand applicators, the sponge on this product allows for more control and avoids using too much or too little product. The slightly lighter color brightens an aging face and makes women appear more alert.

The sponge applicator is a great tool with surprising benefits. Not only is it antimicrobial, ensuring hygiene, but it also blends products exceptionally well. Additionally, it can be used as a highlighter, seamlessly blending with your makeup to provide a beautiful finish without settling or caking.

Many women continue the line of application from under the eyes to the cheekbones, brow bones, and nose bridge before using a blending brush/sponge to create a flawless highlight landscape.

What We Don’t Like

The product effectively covers problem areas but is too thick to use all over the face as it may clog pores. Although the sponge-like applicator makes application easier, it still requires a concealer brush or beauty blender to blend properly.

Applying powder over the concealer is best to avoid creasing and ensure lasting wear. When used alone, the concealer can make under-eye darkness more prominent, but this can be resolved by using a color corrector before applying the concealer.

2) AmazingCosmetics

The AmazingCosmetics Amazing Concealer provides full coverage with small dots of product, making it ideal for hiding dark undereye circles, blemishes, and spots. It is a long-wear concealer with color-correcting properties and a natural finish.

This cream concealer covers skin imperfections and is also water-resistant. It can be used as a highlighting and contouring tool. The best part? It is undetectable on the skin. This multi-purpose concealer comes in various shades to correct color and cover dark circles, undereye circles, acne, sun spots, and uneven complexion.

What We Like

The product effectively reduces dark circles and lasts six to seven hours without needing to be reapplied. It also does not create a cakey or creased appearance. To get the best results, using a good primer and setting it with spray is essential. The application process is easy, light, and smooth and gives a creamy-looking complexion. It’s also reasonably priced for those who are mindful of their budget.

What We Don’t Like

The tube is too small, and getting the product out is tough. There’s a plastic plug with a tiny hole in the opening, and some women are unsure if they should remove it. The concealer is very thick and not easy to spread on mature skin that requires a creamy formula. Also, the newer version has poor coverage and makes your skin very shiny, which defeats the purpose. Some women initially thought the product had a matte finish, but that’s not true.

3) e.l.f.

The e.l.f. 16hr Camo Concealer can give you full coverage for 16 hours. It can conceal, correct, contour, and highlight your skin for a flawless look. If you want the shade Medium Sand, it has medium color with neutral undertones. Remember that the corrector concealers can appear lighter than expected, so look at the bottle image to help pick the right one. This concealer has a thick, highly pigmented formula that dries quickly and doesn’t settle into fine lines or creases, which makes it suitable for all skin types.

The liquid concealer has a large doe foot applicator that provides precise and even application for maximum coverage. It also allows you to contour, highlight, and sculpt your face. Enriched with Avocado Oil, it moisturizes and protects the skin, while Kaolin Clay helps control excess oil and shine. All e.l.f. products consist of skin-loving ingredients and are free from toxins. Moreover, all e.l.f. products are 100 percent cruelty-free and vegan, available at affordable prices.

What We Like

This concealer has a true matte finish. It works well when used in small amounts and pairs nicely with a dewy foundation like Halo Glow. It can also be used as a base for highlighting and contouring with a coordinating concealer. It doesn’t feel dry on the skin and can be applied to cover dark spots anywhere on the face. Just make sure to choose a color that matches your skin tone.

What We Don’t Like

The product appears to be very dry. It does not blend smoothly and instead forms creases, which look unattractive. It is too matte for some women and is not a suitable concealer.

4)  Almay

The Almay Clear Complexion Concealer is perfect for oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. It provides full coverage to treat and conceal acne while improving your skin’s overall health, leaving it flawless with a lasting soft matte finish. The formula has been updated and now includes acne-fighting ingredients like 2 percent salicylic acid, aloe vera, and prebiotics for a more balanced and calming effect on your skin.

The packaging for this product is sustainable – the cap contains 29.7 percent PCR material. The card is packaged in made from 100 percent sustainably sourced FSI paperboard. It is also formulated without certain chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, SLS, mineral oil, Triclosan, DMDM Hydantoin, palm oils, and formaldehyde. This product is suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free, and clean – all part of the Almay promise.

What We Like

The acne cover-up contains practical medicinal components that work well without causing any adverse reactions, even on susceptible skin. In addition to concealing blemishes nicely, it also helps to dry them up. It is suitable for covering up small pimples and red spots and treating large pores on the nose prone to pimples.

What We Don’t Like

The consistency of this product is very thick, so make sure to blend it thoroughly. While it doesn’t provide heavy coverage, it does provide a sufficient amount. It’s considered a light-coverage concealer. Therefore, you may need to use a generous amount.

5) Dermablend

The Dermablend Cover Care Concealer is a full-coverage makeup that can conceal under-eye dark circles, acne, blemishes, bruises, redness, and dark spots. It has a matte finish that suits light to dark skin tones. It is with glycerin making. Dermatologists have tested it, and it is safe for sensitive skin. You can apply it in 16 different shades using the provided wand and then blend it to achieve a smooth and even tone with your fingers, brush, or sponge. This concealer is also cruelty-free and fragrance-free.

What We Like

If you use the concealer and matching foundation in the hot Caribbean climate, your makeup will stay on all day without caking on your face. The coverage is excellent, and it effectively covers face scars. It goes smoothly, blends seamlessly, and does not wear off during the day.

What We Don’t Like

This concealer requires multiple layers of drying and powdering to erase dark circles. However, it does not provide sufficient coverage for the under-eye area. It is too thick for fine lines and dries with a chalky finish, accentuating under-eye wrinkles. Overall, this concealer may not meet some women’s expectations as it may feel heavy and look obvious on their faces.


Use NYX Professional Makeup Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Concealer to conceal dark circles, brighten the under-eye area, and highlight your features. It comes in shades that match the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation. This contouring concealer has a waterproof matte finish and can last up to 24 hours, providing full coverage that will last all day and night.

Achieve the perfect makeup look with the company’s wide range of face products, including concealer, blush, bronzer, foundation, contouring palettes, and powders. These cosmetics are cruelty-free and approved by PETA, as the company believes that animals deserve love and care, not to be used for lab testing. The company does not test any of its products on animals.

What We Like

This concealer is excellent – it’s matte and non-oily, lightweight on the skin, and lasts all day. It’s also quite resistant to washing off. The coverage is great and works very well in concealing dark spots and tattoos. The consistency is perfect – not too thick but offering good coverage. It’s also light enough to use on a warmer day.

What We Don’t Like

After using it multiple times over two weeks, this product may cause slight irritation. It was designed specifically for women over 40 to minimize under-eye creases. However, some women may find the concealer too thick and not blend well with their skin.

7)  Neutrogena

The product is a Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Cream Concealer weighing 0.24 ounces. It contains peptides and an antioxidant vitamin E blend to infuse with the cream. The lightweight formula of the concealer brightens the complexion with a radiant boost.

This cream has been created to give your skin a flawless look by covering imperfections like blemishes. It offers medium coverage that can be built upon and used under makeup. You can use the light/medium shade concealer on your whole face, including under the eyes. The concealer provides full coverage and has antioxidants. It is also non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores.

You can use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Radiant Brightening Cream Concealer to easily cover up imperfections on your skin, such as dark circles, acne, and blemishes. This product will give you a creaseless and refreshed finish while infusing peptides and vitamin E into your skin. It is a lightweight and non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog your pores. You can apply it for medium to full coverage under makeup or even your entire face, including the under-eye area.

What We Like:

The concealer is a great color and doesn’t cause dryness. It’s easy to apply and absorb, and is affordably priced. Some women appreciate its serum-like hydrating effect. Additionally, it provides a natural finish that easily blends with the skin.

What We Don’t Like

This product should not be used under the eyes unless you have perfect teenage skin. It is not meant to provide a dewy or moisturizing effect, nor is it intended as a skincare product. The shade has a slight yellow undertone, and the product’s thin consistency requires five coats to cover up spots. Unfortunately, it tends to flake and look unappealing after prolonged use.

8) L.A. Girl

The L.A. Girl HD PRO.conceal concealers have a creamy, lightweight texture and provide opaque coverage that is resistant to creasing. These long-wearing concealers can cover dark circles, redness, and other imperfections. They even out skin tones, minimize fine lines and offer customizable coverage that can be built up as needed. The concealer comes with a soft brush tip for easy application.

The product comes in 30 shades of L.A. Girl concealer, ten new color correctors, and three highlighting shades. This product is designed to hide blemishes, even out skin tone, cover dark circles, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

What We Like

If you need to correct the under-eye color, the L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Peach Corrector shade is a great choice. It applies smoothly and blends easily thanks to its lightweight formula, offering great coverage and brightening the under-eye area. The peach shade, in particular, works well to counteract dark circles’ blue/purple tones. Its convenient brush applicator makes it easy to apply the right amount. Plus, it won’t break the bank – making it a game-changer for anyone who wants a flawless complexion.

What We Don’t Like

It is difficult to hide a small red scar with makeup. Attempting to cover it up with makeup only makes the surrounding skin look green, accentuating the redness no matter how little of the product you apply directly. Blending the makeup evenly, even with a small amount, is challenging, and the brush application process is messy and wastes the product.

9) L’Oréal Paris

This product is a Full Coverage Concealer that provides a flawless matte finish for up to 24 hours. It can be used as a concealer and a contour highlighter to cover imperfections and blemishes. The large applicator allows optimal coverage using a single stroke, covering under-eye circles, acne scars, and discoloration. It is non-greasy, waterproof, and won’t transfer, fade, or flake.

Choose a shade from 25 unique options that match your skin tone for concealing imperfections. Opt for shades 1-2 deeper for contouring and 1-2 lighter for highlighting and brightening. This full-coverage formula can also be used on the body.

What We Like

Some women successfully used this product, even though they were not experienced with makeup and had difficult skin tones that other products could not match. You should apply it carefully with a brush on your very well-moisturized face. While it may not be the best choice for people with very dark under-eye circles or more aged skin, it is a fantastic highlighter, and some women are very satisfied with the color and overall performance.

What We Don’t Like

The product is difficult to work with and better suited for teenagers who want to contour their faces. It is not ideal for older users. The product’s texture is not creamy and does not blend easily. It is not recommended for individuals with dry skin or covering scabs caused by pimples. Although it can effectively conceal red spots, it dries quickly and may be challenging to blend, particularly in larger areas.

10) Revlon

The AWAKE LOOK Multitasking Concealer can do many things for your skin. It erases, perfects, brightens, hydrates, and refreshes your skin. You can wear it for 24 hours without feeling uncomfortable on your skin, and it provides natural, buildable coverage that won’t transfer. The formula contains caffeine and vitamin C, which can help awaken your skin, hide imperfections and dark circles, and brighten your complexion while camouflaging puffiness.

The tip applicator features a sponge that helps to prevent buildup and is mess-free. It is free of harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and mineral oil.

What We Like

The product is highly recommended. Upon application, many women noticed an immediate brightening and blurring effect under their eyes. This is the best option available. It feels great on the skin and is incredibly easy to use. The moisturizing formula effectively brightens dark areas, is lightweight, and blends seamlessly.

What We Don’t Like

Several women experienced watering and burning eyes after using this brand. The color appears more yellow than anticipated and does not provide sufficient coverage. It is not recommended for use. Additionally, it did not function as a contour as advertised. It also did not last more than two weeks when used only as a spot concealer.

11) Kosas

The Kosas Revealer Concealer offers multiple benefits: medium coverage, creamy concealer, eye cream, and spot treatment. Over time, it brightens and enhances the skin. Users reported experiencing real results, such as improved skin quality, concealing dark under-eye circles, dark spots, blemishes, and a more radiant appearance. The coverage can be built up to improve the overall complexion. The formula contains botanicals, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, providing hydration, plumpness, and a smooth finish.

The product is designed to conceal and minimize the appearance of dark circles while still appearing natural on your skin. It includes a unique base with caffeine, creating a bright, dewy finish that doesn’t feel sticky. Additionally, Kosas Clean is a vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free product that does not contain mineral oil, silicones, talc, parabens, fragrance, phthalates, or sulfates.

What We Like

This concealer effectively hides under eye circles and has a non-creasing formula. Some women also use it with a sponge as a light foundation all over their faces. It has a smooth and creamy consistency and doesn’t cake or crease.

What We Don’t Like

Although the coverage is good, some women may not like the clogged pores and creamy texture. It feels heavy on the skin when worn, is challenging to blend out, and can crease easily. It is not a lightweight concealer; some users find it somewhat watery. Additionally, it does not provide high coverage.

12) IT Cosmetics

The IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Full Coverage Concealer is a highly pigmented and long-lasting concealer that improves the appearance of wrinkles without creasing or cracking. It has a smooth and creamy texture, delivers complete coverage for up to 24 hours, and can conceal skin imperfections like dark circles, redness, hyperpigmentation, age spots, and discoloration. It is also waterproof and has a natural finish.

What We Like

The selection of colors is good, and the creamy material is easy to apply. Although it is marketed for undereye use, it can be used on the entire face. The concealer is thick, pigmented, and provides full coverage even with a small amount. Just touching it on your finger can be enough for both under-eyes. While it can be difficult to spread, it does a decent job of covering dark or purple under-eye circles.

What We Don’t Like

The consistency of the product is thick and difficult to blend. It appears too cakey and excessively oily, meaning it doesn’t dry and can smear when using a compact. Additionally, the color is light and pasty and dries quickly, making it hard to apply. Makeup needs to be layered over it.

13) Rimmel

The Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer is a creamy, long-lasting product that helps hide imperfections and dark circles, leaving your skin flawless. It is designed to withstand humidity, sweat, and heat and keeps your skin shine-free for 24 hours. Plus, its color stays true to your skin tone. Achieve a flawless complexion with 24-hour wear and shine control while reducing the appearance of fatigue. The product will remain comfortable on your skin throughout the day.

What We Like

This product is easy to apply with a stipple brush and stays matte for a long time. It held up well even when sweating and blended nicely with the skin tone without settling into fine lines. Although it could last longer throughout the day, it is still good value for the money. It provides full coverage throughout the day and doesn’t require touch-ups, even in extreme temperatures.

What We Don’t Like

If you have dry skin, you may notice patchiness on your face when using this product. The coverage is insufficient due to its thin opacity, making it a poor concealer. Furthermore, the watery texture makes it difficult to blend, and it easily rubs off. Although it is inexpensive, it is not worth purchasing.

14) Physicians Formula

The Physicians Formula Butter Believe It! Foundation + Concealer is in the shade Light-to-Medium. It has been dermatologist and clinically tested. This product contains a powerful blend of Cupuaçu Butter, Tucuma Butter, and Murumuru Butter. The creamy texture blends effortlessly onto your skin and gives you a natural, radiant glow. You can build the coverage you need with its weightless and long-wearing formula. Additionally, the lightweight formula is long-wearing and provides buildable coverage.

What We Like

To achieve a natural look, women can use the contouring method with a light to a medium shade of makeup. It is crucial to select a shade lighter than your regular foundation. This product is affordable and beneficial for the skin. It is suitable for everyday use and provides good coverage without being too heavy. It is also a good choice for older individuals with dry skin. The “Fair-to-Light” shade is an excellent match for various skin tones.

What We Don’t Like

Although this foundation applies smoothly and dries quickly, it has an orange tint that may not work for some women. It is a thick and heavy foundation unsuitable for those seeking sheer coverage. Once it dries, it can appear cakey and emphasize texture. Additionally, it tends to move around as it is quite creamy, even with primer and setting spray.

15) Estee Lauder

The Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer can help you achieve a flawless look by hiding signs of aging and imperfections. The concealer comes with a brush that allows for easy blending and creates medium, buildable coverage with a smooth finish.

What We Like

This product hides the broken veins on both sides of the nose. It blends smoothly, doesn’t flake, and matches the skin tone perfectly. The coverage is great, and it doesn’t feel sticky or cakey. Additionally, it is oil-free, which prevents breakouts.

What We Don’t Like

While the color was pleasing, the product appeared dry and cakey when applied under some women’s eyes. The consistency of the liquid was relatively thin, which required the use of 5 or 6 layers to achieve coverage. However, after this many layers, the product became cakey and darker, making it difficult to match skin tone. Additionally, the wand was too big to apply the product to small areas. Overall, this product was no better than other drugstore products. Also, the scent of the product was reminiscent of nail polish remover.

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What is a Concealer?

Concealers are cosmetic products used to cover up skin imperfections on the face by adding color or enhancing reflective effects. They are usually applied with brushes, cloths, or sprays and are often used with foundation.

Concealers have ingredients that can be applied precisely and in a controlled manner to provide color where it’s needed. These ingredients are chosen carefully to ensure the safety and suitability of the product’s purpose. Furthermore, Concealers are evaluated to determine if they could cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

To ensure product safety, companies strictly follow the principles of Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices. This includes testing the product’s compatibility with its packaging and ensuring its shelf-life stability.

How does concealer work for oily skin?

A concealer can help reduce the appearance of shine on oily skin, especially when combined with other products. The key is to choose a concealer that’s oil-free and lightweight. This will help to avoid clogging pores and prevent excess sebum from building up over time.

Once you have your desired product, you can apply it in a few steps. First, prepping your skin with a moisturizer to balance the oil production. Afterward, you can use a primer or mattifying product to help control any extra shine that might come through during the day. Finally, apply the concealer directly on top of any problem areas using your finger or brush. Be sure to blend it well to look natural and seamless.

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10 Perks Of Using Concealers For Oily Skin Women

Here are 10 perks women can get when using concealers for their oily skin.

  • Keeps your skin hydrated: Oily skin can often feel dry and tight, but a concealer helps to keep it hydrated so that the look remains natural.
  • Prevents caking or creasing: Oil in the skin can cause your makeup to cake or crease throughout the day, but with a good quality concealer, you can help keep that from happening.
  • Provides coverage without looking heavy: Concealers are lightweight and give just enough coverage to even out the complexion without appearing heavy or unnatural.
  • Helps reduce shine: Oil-free formulas make it easy to control excess shine, helping to keep your skin looking matte throughout the day.
  • Offers a natural look: Concealers give you the coverage you need without appearing too “made up” or artificial-looking.
  • Easy to apply: Applying concealer is easy and can be done quickly, so it’s perfect for those mornings when you are in a rush!
  • Long-lasting: Concealers can last for hours and won’t require frequent daily touch-ups.
  • Non-irritating: Quality concealers contain ingredients that won’t irritate your skin, making them safe for oily or sensitive skin types.
  • Cost-effective: Many quality concealers are available at a reasonable price, making them an affordable way to keep your complexion flawless.
  • Versatile: Concealers can be used as a spot treatment or all over the face for fuller coverage. They can also be mixed with other foundations and primers to create customized looks.

Concealer Buying Guide | How To Pick?

Picking the right concealer is essential because it can make or break your look. Here are a few tips to remember when shopping for concealers:

Know Your Skin Tone

Use a concealer that matches your skin tone and undertone to avoid an unnatural look. For instance, a cool-toned concealer on warm undertones can give a pale and chalky appearance, whereas a warm-toned concealer on cool undertones can make the skin look orange.

Natural Ingredients

When searching for concealers, look for ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamin E, and hydrolyzed collagen that can hydrate and soothe your skin for a smoother application.

Type Of Concealer For Oily Skin

For oily skin, look for a lightweight concealer with oil-absorbing properties. Avoid heavy cream formulas that can clog pores and make your face look greasy. Also, opt for water-based, silicone-based, or powder concealers to help absorb excess sebum without looking cakey.


Choosing the correct concealer texture is crucial for achieving the desired coverage in your base makeup. Different textures offer varying degrees of coverage, ranging from light to medium to full. So, you should consider the type of coverage you need and your skin type and texture before selecting a concealer.

Enhances Glow

Opt for concealers containing luminous particles or illuminating minerals like mica if you want a dewy finish. These can help to give the skin a natural-looking glow without looking too shiny.


You should also consider your budget when shopping for concealers. Various formulas are available at different price points to suit any budget. While you don’t have to splurge, always invest in quality products that will last and provide the coverage you need.

Customer Reviews

Finally, always check customer reviews before buying a concealer to ensure you get the right product for your skin type. Reading customer feedback can help you determine whether or not a product is suitable for oily skin and if it provides good coverage.

Storing Concealers While Traveling 

Achieve a flawless and shine-free complexion with the best concealers for oily skin. These high-performance products effectively cover imperfections and control excess oil, giving you a long-lasting, matte finish. But what’s the best way to keep these essential beauty products organized and accessible? Check out the ladies’ bags.

Pairing the best concealers for oily skin with the right ladies’ bag ensures that your makeup essentials are always at your fingertips. These bags offer designated compartments and smart organization features, allowing you to carry your concealers and other beauty items in style and convenience. No more fumbling through your purse or worrying about spills.

Know About Pimple Concealers

Along with its widely recognized advantages, concealer also offers a frequently unnoticed benefit: It works well as a tool for hiding pimples, allowing you to hide flaws without overdoing the makeup. Many beauty enthusiasts use this multipurpose lotion to conceal undesired blemishes, dark circles, and other skin defects.

It’s necessary to select the shade that suits your skin tone and skin type when using concealer as a pimple concealer. To make it look natural, apply a small amount of concealer directly onto the pimple using a precise brush or your fingertip. Gently blend it into the surrounding skin, patting rather than rubbing, to avoid exacerbating the blemish.
While concealer certainly has its uses, it’s essential to remember that healthy skin may be maintained by a regular skin care regimen to reduce the need for excessive makeup and attain a radiant complexion. By doing so, you can effectively conceal pimples without relying on makeup to the same extent.

Bottom Line:

Finding the right concealer for oily skin can be a challenging task. However, with some research and trial and error, you can find one perfect for your needs. The key to success in this endeavor is understanding your skin type, texture, undertones, and coverage level requirements. Additionally, read customer reviews before purchasing to know what others think of the product. Considering all these factors, you will have no problem selecting the best concealer for oily skin!

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