Best of Both Worlds: The Anatomy of a Modern Home Design

One design style that’s been most talked about in the last years is organic modern. By its name, you could already see its aesthetics: clean surfaces and crisp lines coupled with natural materials and forms. It’s cool and sophisticated, but at the same time, warm and cozy. If you’re planning to revamp your space and give it an organic modern flair, these are the elements you should be prioritizing:

Neutral color palette

The hallmark of organic modern design is a subdued color scheme. It easily gives off the minimalist vibe of modern style and provides a good backdrop for biophilic finishes and fixtures later on. Go for neutrals, such as white, beige, ivory, or gray. Explore different shades of these hues to avoid a boring, flat look. Don’t be afraid to add dark neutrals, too. Dark brown, navy blue, and black are perfect for furnishings, like sofas and headboards, and fixtures, such as lighting and countertops.

Industrial pendant lights and granite kitchen countertops, Murray interior designers say, match lighter-toned walls and floors well, making them staple pieces in organic modern home designs. Aside from playing with different shades of hues, introduce various textures as well. Use sustainable fabrics and textiles, say, a seagrass touch in your couch, sheepskin on your rugs, or jute on your throw pillows. Even with the same neutral tone, these elements won’t look too simplistic because of their varied textures.

Blended outdoors

Modern zen bedroomYou want to replicate the airiness of nature indoors so you can complete the open-concept vibe modern home designs are known for. At the same time, you should introduce zen elements that will remind you of the therapeutic feel of being with nature. You don’t need to look far for inspirations. See what’s outside your door.

If your home is near the ocean, add water elements in your space. Perhaps install a water wall in your living room and make it your focal point. Build your design from it. If a water wall is too much for an accent wall, you may just create a pebble mural art to imitate stones underwater. Consider adding a reflection pool, too, if you have enough space. This is perfect for transition spaces, filling them up with points of visual interest. If your home is close to the forest and mountains, use large beams in your ceilings and hardwood floors underfoot. Create a living wall for your focal point.

Handcrafted pieces

Organic modern designs give off a warm, cozy vibe despite its sterile minimalist aesthetics precisely because of the personal touches in the space. More specifically, handcrafted pieces. If you can do the dirty work of salvaging a worn out wooden dresser and turn it into a kitchen shelf, that would definitely contribute to the vibe of home you want to achieve.

Take an inventory of the stuff in your home and see which ones can be repurposed. Perhaps those moving boxes can be turned into jute storage baskets for the bathroom. Unused coffee cans or colanders may be repurposed as planters in your living wall. Wooden crates may be used as shelves or cabinets for your shoes and boots in the mudroom. The bottom line is to prioritize craft projects as you tweak your space.

Take note of these crucial elements as you revamp your home into an organic modern style. Make it a haven that reflects the neatness of minimalism and the zen of biophilia — the best of both worlds.

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