Best Side Hustles for Hard Working Introverts

Unlike what most people think, being an introvert is not a measurable characteristic. This trait has four major defining elements: social, thinking, anxious, and inhibited traits. A person’s type of introversion falls under one of these elements or a blend of all four. An introvert works better on their own, wants to have plenty of alone time, and prefers a small and close circle of friends.

Other specific behaviors and traits of introversion are the preference of writing over talking, deep emotions and feelings, the need for quietness to focus, and high-self awareness. If you’re an introvert, you can probably relate to all of these traits or at least some of them. But did you also know that your natural ability to establish meaningful connections and think things on a deeper level is an amazing edge for your career?

The business world isn’t just a place for extroverts, but also where introverts can thrive. Here are some fantastic side hustles that your introverted self can explore:

1. Proofreader

If you love to read, write, and work independently, then working as a freelance proofreader would be a perfect job. In general, you won’t need any certification or degree to work as a freelance proofreader. Digital businesses and clients hiring proofreaders will only request a portfolio or overview of your experience. You can even turn this side hustle into a full-time job if you want to.

On the downside, you must be versatile to accomplish projects on tight deadlines since most clients demand quick turnarounds. Also, since this job is highly in demand without any certifications needed, the competition can be intimidating.

2. Freelance writer


Freelance writing is another amazing side hustle that introverts like you can consider. You can write anything from travel blogs, lifestyle tips, poetry or novels, cookbooks, to website content. Depending on your writing skill or style, you can go for ghostwriting, technical or creative writing, content writing, or copywriting.

This side hustle is a perfect way for introverts to learn and write about new and interesting topics while getting paid. The rate for writing projects doesn’t just depend on the provided rate of the client itself. Your experience is also an important deciding factor on whether you’re eligible to request higher pay or not.

3. Housesit

House sitting is another great side hustle for introverts like you. You can work on the chores without anyone around to watch you. Homeowners or vacationers hire house sitters to not just stay on the house while they’re away. You will also be required to perform basic housekeeping, water the plants, and take care of the pets.

The tasks will still depend on the needs of the homeowners. If you’re a certified traveler, unpaid housesitting is a fantastic way to obtain free accommodation. On the other hand, you can take paid housesitting gigs that usually offer an average of $11 an hour, depending on the tasks included.

4. Purchase a kiosk

Side hustles like being a store’s sales staff isn’t always a top choice for introverts since it usually involves social interaction with strangers. But if you’re an introvert who wants to be a successful entrepreneur, you can start with a kiosk franchise. If you have a full-time job, you can hire a staff to manage the kiosk. Kiosk business is less expensive to acquire and operate.

Also, the list of equipment you’ll need is shorter. For one, besides the supplies or ingredients, the main thing you’ll need to purchase is a compact rolling kiosk cart. Depending on your kiosk franchise, you can choose from snack carts, mart carts, and merchandising carts. On average, your startup rate can range from $5,000 to $15,000. Also, decide whether you prefer to have a temporary or permanent location. This allows you to come up with a better startup costs estimate.

5. Sell online

With many consumers now preferring online shopping, it’ll be such a shame to not take advantage of this. The best thing about this is that you won’t need to physically interact with your customers or manage a physical store. If you’re a natural creative, you can sell your designs to print-on-demand businesses. If you are into arts and crafts, you can set up an online shop on websites like Etsy.

You can sell custom jewelry, collectibles, old books, or other personalized crafts you can think of. If you’re an introverted shutterbug, you can sell stock photos to earn money from your collection. Websites like Adobe Stock and Shutterstock can pay you every time your contributed images are downloaded.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you cannot grow and succeed in your career. Take time to discover what you are naturally good at and learn to leverage those strengths to improve your career. Keep in mind that success isn’t defined by your traits, but your ability to understand and be flexible.

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