Booming Businesses during the Pandemic

The needs and demands of the people have drastically changed since the start of the pandemic. As a result, many businesses, especially the small ones, have been feeling the impact negatively. Most have been temporarily or permanently closed. However, some small companies became in demand more than ever despite the pandemic. Here are some of them:


People have been advised to avoid going out as much as possible to minimize the transmission rate of the virus. Many people settled in the comfort of their own homes and have hoarded food so that they can stay indoors for more extended periods. The demand for groceries has increased since March 2020. Unavailability of some products and “Out of stock” memos are now often seen as grocery stores that offer the essential needs of people. Most of the top-selling products that go out immediately are chicken, tissues, cleaning products such as alcohol, hand sanitizers, and other disinfectants.

Sewing companies

People might have taken quilting for granted even though we use fabrics in almost everything. But since wearing masks have become a new standard, quilt fabric stores have become popular. Shortages in disposable face masks, especially in hospital setups, have been rampant. All of a sudden, we turn to this age-old craft to protect ourselves. Aside from face masks, the demand for personal protective equipment used by frontline and health workers has also increased drastically. Reusable face masks and other gears would be more environmentally sustainable and can help reduce waste all over the world.

Delivery services

delivery servicesPeople prefer to stay indoors for their safety, so delivery services make sure that goods can still be delivered safely. Most restaurants have added a delivery feature so customers can still enjoy the foods that they offer. Businesses that provide door to door delivery of freshly produced goods gained popularity. It provides convenience, simplicity, wide variety, and makes ordering processes more efficient.

Insurance companies

Insurance claims for unemployment rose since March this year, as seen in this data. Besides this, many people lost their jobs, and many have filed for personal insurance such as health insurance and business insurance in case of an emergency. People tend to have less overthinking and stress when they know they are insured in times of crisis. It can help you be financially secure if you have senior family members in your household as they can have more complications if they contract the virus.


People have been developing anxiety attacks and depression since the start of the pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and primary sources of income due to health reasons. As a result, psychotherapy and some other health care services were offered digitally, especially since doctors and other health care workers’ schedule has been busy due to the pandemic. It provides remote consultations, lessens non-emergency visits to the hospitals, and helps in saving expenses in transportation.

Home improvement goods and services

People have been investing more in their home improvement ideas as staying indoors and working from home is encouraged. As we spend more quality time with our family, companies that offer patio installation, home office, and living room renovations are a big help in making your home comfortable during this time of hardships. Making small adjustments to your home can prove beneficial to your mental health as it can lessen your stress brought by the pandemic.

Home Workout and Equipment

Most of the non-essential establishments have been closed temporarily, and in some places, that includes the local gym. However, just because people stay at home most of the time doesn’t necessarily mean that exercising should be stalled. Home workout videos and tutorials boomed at the start of the pandemic, as exercising can help improve your immune system to fight off viruses.

Home workout also offers more privacy and flexibility than going to the gym. Exercising equipment like yoga mats and weights became popular in home gyms. You can still have an active and healthy lifestyle, even if you are staying at home.

Nobody knows when this pandemic will end, and vaccines are still being developed. While it has closed many doors, it has also opened some more significant opportunities to small businesses and companies. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or if you already own one, you might want to consider these types of companies so that you can have a better idea of how you can improve your business and be resilient.

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