Busy Planning Your Wedding? It’s Time to Take a Break

Many women tend to forget self-care when they’re planning a wedding. In the middle of cake-tasting appointments and supplier meetings, how can you squeeze in a mani-pedi session, right?

It’s okay to skip R & R now and then, but there are times when you have to take it. Otherwise, you’ll break down. You won’t be able to work better. You might even be tempted to postpone the wedding.

Here are the times you need to distance yourself from the wedding planning.

When it begins to cause tension between you and your partner

You and your fiancé have different tastes. They probably want to have a rustic-themed ceremony while you prefer a vintage vibe. They would rather have live entertainment on the reception rather than a DJ, which, in your opinion, is the better option.

These differences shouldn’t blow up into fights, but sometimes, that happens. You might even feel like your partner doesn’t understand you or make an effort to hear your side.

This triggers a lot of issues that you would probably find yourself bringing up past arguments. In these instances, break away from the tension. Find the nearest spa in your location or grab yourself some of your favorite chocolate bars. Once you’ve cleared your mind, that’s when you go back to discussing the matter with your fiancé.

When you’re about to tell a vendor off

bride choosing a wedding gownSuppliers are professionals, but they aren’t perfect. They will have some slip-ups here and there, so you might get carried away and tell them off. In other instances, your anger may be misplaced. It may not be a case of vendor mistakes but unrealistic expectations coming from you.

Whenever you feel the urge to channel your inner bridezilla on suppliers, cut the meeting or phone call short. Control your emotions. Perhaps go to a quiet room and do some reflection exercises. If there’s an opportunity, take yourself to a yoga class.

When you’re okay already, that’s when you talk to the supplier again. If you don’t have vendors yet though, then do your homework in comparing professional services, from catering to wedding photographers in Detroit, MI. That’s to reduce the headaches and heartaches along the way.

When you’re finalizing the guest list

You’re going to think and talk about people. Your mom might insist that you invite this or that distant relative. Your dad might ask you if he can take his golf buddies. Your in-laws might have unsolicited comments on who you’re inviting. Add to this the stress of trying to keep your list short given your budget. So, guests plus money? This combo will certainly make you go nuts.

Before that happens, take a break. Perhaps you and your soon-to-be-spouse can go out of town. Find new scenery. Try an adventurous activity. Go on a cultural trip. There’s also the option of staying in. If you’ve been spending date nights outside, at restaurants or bars for weeks in a row already, maybe watching rom-com in your old couch sounds better.

Self-care is important when you’re in the middle of stressful wedding planning. Spend ample time for it, especially when you encounter these mentioned scenarios.

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