Buying a Used House: What to Inspect

Buying an already used house can be an overwhelming task. With the millions of problems that purchasing one can burden on a prospective buyer, most are discouraged from even looking at one. Although there was a slight dip in home purchases in 2020, the numbers are expected to bounce back in 2021. Based on economic estimates, around 5.6 million houses are expected to be sold in 2021.

Do not be discouraged from buying a used home. Younger generations are afraid of buying one. The homeownership rate among millennials is lower compared to other generations. Homeownership is among the most practical and realistic goals of any hardworking American. Before you go on spending your hard-earned money on a new house, you better know what parts to inspect carefully and critically. You may end up with buyer’s remorse if you regret the purchase for something you overlooked.

Water Pipes

Inspecting the water lines is one of the first things you must inspect before you buy a house. Plumbing is among the most integral parts of any kind of structure. Leaky pipes can lead to a lot of problems. A damaged pipe would deal plenty of damage to the house once liquid leaks out. Be thankful if the liquid coming out is water! Piping can be metallic, cement, or plastic. Sometimes, the water pressure across your house can be uneven. Ensuring that piping issues can be cheaply and conveniently replaced and repaired can prepare you for the additional costs after your house purchase.


One of the most important things you must do before buying your dream home is inspecting the foundations of the house. Foundations provide support for your house, from the attic all the way to your basement. Uneven foundations can cause the erosion of parts of your house from everyday wear and tear. Sometimes, the steel fabrication of the steel beam foundations can be inadequate. Inspection is even more important for an already used house. Proper inspection of the foundation can ensure that your house can withstand any kind of weight. You wouldn’t want your old heavy bed frame falling from the second floor to your living room.

Utility Lines

Examining the utility lines should be among the first few things you must do before you purchase. These lines relay the necessary utilities inside your homes. To have a comfortable and convenient time in your property, make sure that these lines are properly functioning and accessible to repair is important for the use of your new home. Aside from power lines, internet connections and gas lines should be inspected for potential use in the future by you and your family. Also, ensuring that these lines are protected against the elements will ensure you will not suffer any outages because of weather interference.

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Emergency and Security Systems

The emergency and security system must also be scrutinised before any kind of transaction takes place. Emergency systems, like carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms, have important duties to do in cases of emergencies. Making sure that the systems in place still work will guarantee your peaceful usage of the property. Most security systems, while very integral to any functioning home, are connected to outside sources. Knowing the ins and outs, as well as the know-how of your own security system should be a no-brainer. You wouldn’t want anyone else connected to your closed-circuit system and have access to your security cameras.

Access Points

The assessment of all access points to and from the inside of your potential home is vital for the peaceful enjoyment of the property. Find the weaknesses of these exits to make sure that wouldn’t have any problem with burglary and theft. Sometimes, access points can have little to no security features. Some windows do not even have locks from the inside. Although an experienced burglar can and will find a way inside your home, having these entrances barricaded or properly secured by alarms and lights may discourage or slow down thieves and other intruders.

Internet Connectivity

Lastly, access to the internet should be part of your priority checklist when buying an old home. According to the latest data, three in 10 U.S. homes do not have access to broadband internet. Knowing that the internet is now a human right, your house must have immediate access to the internet. Ensuring that even mobile internet broadband is ready will make your house a more livable place.

Purchasing an already used house can be a frightening and overwhelming task. However, with enough knowledge, you will know what problems to look for. Having the information on which parts of the house you need to inspect or repair will make you prepared for any kind of cost or expense your used house may throw at you.

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