Chimney Issues that Require Masonry Services

Although gas fireplaces have become a common feature in most homes, some homes still have traditional masonry chimneys. Like any other type of chimney, maintenance is key to ensure that the chimney remains in the best condition. Failure to inspect and maintain the chimney compromises its state and puts home users at risk. Some of the issues that homeowners can encounter with their chimneys in Kansas City include:


A chimney comprises mortar and bricks and serves as the elimination channel for smoke from the house to the outside. Any damage in the structure of the chimney causes leakage of smoke in the home instead of letting all the smoke out. The resultant problems will include a smoky house, smelly clothes, and even respiratory problems for the home users. Respiratory problems arise because smoke contaminates the air in the home. Inhaling contaminated air promotes breathing problems.

Fire Risks

After using your fireplace for a long, there will be a buildup of creosote in the chimney. Creosote is highly flammable, and which means that fire may start from your chimney. When the wind blows from the outside into the chimney, the fire will spread throughout the entire house and cause property damage.

Water Leaks

Cracks in the fireplace may start as small but may expand with time. Therefore, they could be letting water into your house when it is raining or when there is heavy snowfall. During the extremely cold months, the cracks could be letting cold air into your space despite your efforts to warm your house.

Careless DIY Fixes

Man inspecting chimney

When some homeowners notice cracks in the fireplace, they go ahead into a store and purchase some mortar. After searching the Internet and watching some videos, the homeowner may be convinced that they can handle the task. However, that is a terrible idea for several reasons. First, you need to understand the right technique to apply the mortar. Second, the temperature in the fireplace gets high, and you need a type of mortar that can withstand the heat. Placing the wrong mortar in the cracks will end up creating further weaknesses and crumbling eventually. Contact professionals to protect your home from further damage and be sure that you get the best services.

When you notice cracks, ensure that you get in touch with a mason and book an appointment. They will visit your home and assess the condition and extent of the damage. They will then make an appointment to come and make the repairs.

If your chimney has cracks in its structure and you have noticed any of the signs mentioned above, it is high time that you considered getting masonry services from masonry experts in Kansas City. The experts know the appropriate materials to use for the masonry job. Dealing with the masonry issues in your chimney will safeguard your safety and the home’s condition. The earlier you seek help from the experts, the easier it will be to deal with a problem. Postponing the repair job will cause the widening of the cracks and further compromise the state of your chimney.

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