Clear Truths About Clear Braces Before You Decide to Get Them

Whether you have crooked, slanted teeth, overbite, or whatever problems you might have, clear aligners for your teeth are the best option to solve this. But before you achieve that dream of getting perfectly-aligned and straight teeth, there are a few things that you need to know before you schedule your first dentist appointment.

You Have to Be Constantly Wearing Them

For a much better outcome (and smile), it is imperative that the aligners should be worn for at least 20 hours a day. Although the recommended number of hours is actually 22 hours, so you should wear them for that long if your lifestyle allows you. This also means you would need to commit fully.

They Might Not Be Seen, But They Can Be Heard

The aligners may be clear and nearly invisible to other people, but their effect especially when you start to talk, would be very noticeable. This means even if people cannot see that you are wearing them, they could still tell through the way your words would sound when you speak. This could mean having a temporary lisp, or stumbling between the letters ‘v’ and ‘b’ or ‘p’ and ‘f’ unintentionally.

Your Caffeine-Intake Would Have To Be Limited


If you are a coffee lover, then you would have to tone it down a little bit once you decide to get clear braces. You may also avoid anything that may potentially stain your teeth – chocolate milk, red wine, soda, tea, etc. So, be warned if you usually have to drink coffee to start your day, because you may not be able to enjoy them as much you as you did when you decide to wear these aligners.

The Treatment Period May Be Longer Than You Think

They say the treatment for wearing invisible aligners would only be a year, and this is why most people are ecstatic and would usually go for it right off the bat. Some are even lucky enough to wear them in less than a year (6 months at most), but then once the treatment ends there could be additional sets of aligners for the ‘finishing’ and polishing part, to have the most desirable result as possible. Most patients also almost always end up getting more days for their treatment.

As Much as It is Invisible, it Also is Virtually ‘Painless’

Compared to the wire and metal counterpart of braces in which you would always be under pain each time you get them tightened, getting clear braces actually hurts less (and possibly painless as well). Although there might still be some similarities – like not being able to eat hard food like carrots or crackers, and you might still have trouble chewing, there is definitely a noticeable difference when it comes to pain.

It is Definitely Worth Your 100% Commitment

Despite all the efforts and sacrifices that you would have to do, once the treatment is finally over, the results are amazing. It would not only result in having that perfectly aligned pearly whites (although that is ideally the main goal), it would also make you become more mindful of your oral hygiene.

It is important to know what you’re getting into before you start to commit, but know that in the end, all the sacrifices made would be completely worth it.

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