COVID-19 Anchors: Keeping Your Sanity During the Pandemic

No matter how big the ship, if it’s anchored, the wind or tide won’t be able to take it away. Come storms or high water, anchors keep the ship afloat. By the same token, there may not be a better time for you to find an anchor. To boot, there’s no other way to describe the pandemic than to call it extremely-distressing. As America is expected to reach as many as 500,000 COVID-19 deaths by February 2021, fear is certainly in the air. The problem is fear itself is the enemy. If you’re not careful, it can put you into a life of misery.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. There surely is. Already, vaccines that were a no-show in 2020 are starting to trickle down. As the saying goes: While there’s life, there’s hope. What’s left for you is to ensure you keep yourself whole till everything’s back to normal.

Luckily, anchors should guide you. In times like this, when the tides seem to push you to places that you don’t want to, making use of your own personal anchors is wise. Keeping you grounded, so you don’t lose yourself in the chaos. And instead, thrive. Here are some of them.

Plan Ahead

Think about it. When you are tired, you rest. Unfortunately, as you go back to the grind and work, stress is bound to mount. And add up over time. So the key to fighting such build-up is to plan and schedule an activity in stress-relieving chunks of your time. This is not wishful thinking; this is actually scheduling such activities.

A good way to do this is to look at your schedule for the week. Incorporate these stress relievers. What are they? It could be a trip with the family on the weekend. Or a 30-minute hike in the middle of the week. If you can’t go out, then you can use a mini-vacation of the mind. We’re talking about imagery exercises. And you can do it from anywhere.

Moreover, scheduling time for a good massage should bid you well. Not only does it lower the heart rate, but it is also a proven stress reliever. Expert hands can lower the tension in your body in no time, putting you in a much more relaxed mood.

Even better, a therapeutic massage is a treasure trove for people suffering from chronic pain. It can be a spot-on tool for pain relief.

Be Organized

Another great anchor for you is to keep things organized. A
chaotic arrangement only clutters the mind more. Small wonder when you’re tired, you find peace in a well-manicured garden or a well-maintained room.

In this regard, take time to DIY. Or better yet, let the family pitch in. Unclutter those closets. Take out irrelevant files in your drawer. When you do that, you give structure to it all. And get comfort from such a well-kept space when everything is topsy-turvy outside.

Taking time to make your bed in the morning after you sleep on it can pay huge dividends to your whole day. As “The Power of Habit” author Charles Duhigg, details it’s one habit that can kickstart better decision-making throughout the day. He called it a keystone habit.

Plus, here’s a bonus. Keeping your bed in order lowers your stress too and boosts your mood.

Invest in Your Health

You must ensure you’re doing things right. This is not the time to be wishy-washy about your bodily needs. Take time to get ample rest, for starters. Moreover, ensure that you’re getting as many vitamins and minerals as you can.

Knowing that taking time to exercise and be outdoors allows your body to take in the fresh air, not to mention getting your body in tiptop shape. Fresh air contains more oxygen than the air inside. More oxygen in the air you breathe translates to more oxygen for your brain and body. In effect, you get better cognitive functioning and better overall health.

putting facemask on young child

Relationships Heal

You may not think it, but keeping in touch with your circle of family and friends can go a long way in keeping your sanity. Don’t procrastinate. Start with your precious abode. Take time to hug and talk to your inner circle. You aim to develop quality interaction.

Indeed, make sure you give it time. Better yet, make it a habit.

This is one anchor that you should take time to develop. Reach out farther. With social media tools, you should be able to your old friends and acquaintances. Keep a list. And chances are you’ll find someone who needs you more than you need him.

As the great President Lincoln detail, “To ease another heartache is to forget one’s own.” And Honest Abe was right. Not only does it feel good to help, but it also is one great stress reliever.

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