Creative Ways to Use Chalk Markers

Chalk markers have become increasingly popular. This could be as a result of their adherence to non-porous surfaces. They work on metal, glass, porcelain, and other sealed services. With time, there has been a proliferation in chalk marker art in schools, weddings, and even businesses. If you are looking for creative ways to use this medium, try the following:

School Resources

There are many ways teachers can use this versatile writing material. To make the classroom vibrant, create school signs, lesson plans, hall passes, and teaching aids with the markers. You can also allow kids to use them as part of their artwork resource.


If you own a business, use chalk markers to write an advertorial message on windows or chalkboards. You can come up with other viable areas where you can display messages advertising your sales, menu boards, price lists, or special offers. The ads are typically placed near the business so that potential clients can identify where it belongs.


If you are looking forward to tagging something and don’t have any labeling material left to serve the purpose, get creative. Find appropriate materials and use the marker to create fancy tags for your pets, luggage, journal, or identification cards.


Use chalk markers to create a schedule if you have access to chalkboard paper. Indulge your creativity with the coloring. You can also use it to create a date display or countdown to an event both at school or the workplace.


Home sign written using chalkIn case you have an item that you feel is a tad too plain, use the markers to light it up. This simple procedure allows you to customize clear bags and gift boxes to give them a more appealing fresh look. You can also use them to create patterns on surfaces or as part of the decorations during events by creating display designs, drawings, and banners. Regardless of your choice, the markers will make your project stand out.

Welcome Signs

Whatever event you are having, use chalk pens to write down a welcome sign and place it at a strategic point. If you are a little more creative, you can also use it to give directions within the event location. Temporary welcome doormats are another option if you have material that is compatible with the markers.


Other than using them for welcome signs, seating plans, and the menu of the day at weddings, you can also use chalk pens for numbering tables, writing on glasses, or decorating drinks. To add a vintage touch to your setup, include mason jars and add a personal touch using chalk markers.

For your chalk marker creation to stand out, use the pen in the right way. Before putting down your message or artwork, clean the surface that you are using. Activate the pen if you haven’t and then go ahead to create your piece of art. Once you finish, give it some time to dry. To increase the chances of doing spectacular work, do a spot test before going full throttle.

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