Dietary Supplements Useful for Back Pain

Some people suffer from chronic neck and back problems that are hard to control with pain relievers. In such cases, dietary supplements come in handy. They are famous for their innate characteristics that treat inflammation and pain. Sometimes, these supplements are used with herbs, and other times, they work alongside specific diets.

If you are looking to buy spine supplements online, they are either for dietary or medicinal use. Dietary supplements are meant to help your body get all that it needs to stay healthy. They are preventative. Medicinal supplements for the spine are intended to provide or supplement a treatment course. The most effective options for your back include:

Omega-3 and Glucosamine

Omega-3 is a fatty acid that is most famous for delivering cardioprotection. Other than the increased cardiovascular health, these vitamins help people who are prone to back pain caused by blood clots. They lower the risk of bleeding by causing blood to thin. Glucosamine is another vitamin that is perfect for relieving bone-related pain, including arthritis and back pain. However, the two supplements are not to be used with other medications like aspirin as they can interact to cause reactions.

In the body, glucosamine works by preserving cartilage, the cushioning tissue for joints. The supplement typically has few side effects. For example, one might notice an upset stomach or heartburn. However, only a small percentage of the population experiences these side effects.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Bromelain

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Research shows that MSM and bromelain are excellent for relieving back pain. They contain substances that work to reduce inflammation. However, they are not to be taken by people who are on blood thinners. Additionally, bromelain can interact with antibiotics. Bromelain is measured in Gelatin Inducing Units in one gram. To avoid overindulging, one must always consult their doctor.

Vitamin D

For a person with spinal issues, a deficiency of vitamin D could worsen their pain. Research suggests that chronic pain associated with a lack of vitamin D is common for people with spinal stenosis. The most common symptom for this condition is back pain. It is advisable for someone exhibiting these symptoms to take vitamin D supplements to be able to manage their pain.


Capsaicin is the element in hot pepper that gives it its unique hotness. Historically, the substance was used for medicinal purposes including treating sporting injuries. Nowadays, there are capsaicin supplements that work by rendering insensitive the channels that send signals of pain to brain receptors. This supplement can show results within three days of taking the tablets.

In the end, dietary supplements must not be approved by drug administration agencies to be sold. This is why one must always be careful to make purchases from trusted dealers. Secondly, be sure to read all the labels to make sure that the supplement in question is recommended for your condition. Finally, some supplements are likely to interact with over-the-counter drugs or prescription medicine. With that in mind, consulting a professional or expert before using any supplement is essential.

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