Do-It-Yourself Treatments You Can Safely Try at Home

These days, many people would rather stay indoors than to gamble their health by leaving the house. As more people die and get infected with the 2019-nCoV, people fear for their health and would instead take matters into their own hands. Many have started adapting a healthier lifestyle in an attempt to protect themselves from the virus. But unknown to many is that not all DIY health improving strategies are useful and good for your health.

Some things are best left in the hands of healthcare professionals. If you have swollen teeth or gums, tooth pain, or even a mouth injury, then you require the services of a licensed dentist. If you have severe pain, persistent fever, or any serious health issues, then you need a doctor to check on you. However, there are also DIY treatments you can safely do at home to treat specific problems in the meantime.

Clove oil for toothaches

Toothaches are a menace. Many would agree that this is one f the worst kind of pain anyone can experience in a lifetime. The pain is often worst at night when all you want to do is rest and sleep. That is since when we lay down, extra blood comes rushing to our head, which only increases the pain and pressure. The good news is, you can somehow ease the pain by with the help of clover oil.

According to studies, clover oil contains Eugenol, which helps numb toothache. This aromatic oil has antioxidant, antibacterial, antineoplastic, and antifungal properties. That is an excellent way to temporarily ease your pain if you have no OTC toothache gel in your medicine cabinet. Soak a clean cotton ball with clove oil and dab it on the achy tooth and gums, and you’re good to go.


Saltwater for sore throat

As it turns out, our old grandmothers were right about saltwater being an effective way to ease a sore throat. A study conducted in 2010 shows that saltwater gargle is indeed a cheap but safe alternative way to alleviate throat pain effectively. Whether you have pain, tickles, or discomfort in your throat, you can simple gargle with saltwater.

Saltwater gargles can do more than alleviate a sore throat. That can improve oral health, reduce pain caused by canker sores, and even prevent sinus and respiratory infections from getting worse. To make a saltwater gargle, dissolve ¼ to ½ teaspoon of any kind of salt in eight ounces of water.

Turmeric for pain and sickness

If you are fond of drinking tea, then consider adding turmeric tea to your diet. Turmeric has numerous health benefits. Many use this to manage pain, boost one’s immune system, and even prevent certain conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer, and liver damage. That is all thanks to turmeric tea’s main ingredient, which is curcumin. Many consider turmeric as the golden spice since modern medicine recognizes its safety and efficacy.

It goes to show that one does not need to solely depend on over-the-counter drugs to alleviate common pains and discomfort. While it is advisable to consult with the pros, there are safe and effective treatments you can try in the meantime. That is especially true if your symptoms are manageable, and driving to the hospital is a hassle with the pandemic still on the rise.

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