Don’t Let Forgetfulness Ruin Your Moving Day

You’ve done everything you need for your relocation. Now you’re just waiting for the moving service you hired from Fort Lauderdale, and you’re set to settle into your new home. But there’s a sinking feeling that tells you this: you forgot something. Forgetfulness could ruin your day.

The Problem with Forgetfulness

It’s normal to forget where you placed things. Forgetfulness may be a sign of intelligence, except that it can make you inefficient. If you have a case of “normal forgetfulness,” come up with a system that ensures you pack everything you need.

One such system is listing items you often misplace. A lost and found survey from a smart location solution shares that Americans spend about 2.5 days in a year looking for things they’ve lost. What do people typically misplace?

  • TV remotes (45 percent)
  • Phones (33 percent)
  • Car & keys (28 percent)
  • Glasses (27 percent)
  • Shoes (24 percent)
  • Wallets/purses (20 percent)

If you typically spend several minutes looking for some object, a list would help you remember to put it in one visible area (and keep you just a bit sane on moving day).

Couple packing

Here are some things that you may want to jot down should your memory fail you.

  • Glasses and contacts: It’s easier with contacts; you can put extras in your bag. Glasses, however, can slip your mind when you pack. When you take off your glasses, leave them out in the open, like on the kitchen table or your study table, to make sure you find them easily
  • Keys: A bowl by your door or your nightstand could serve as the keeper of your keys.
  • Wallet: Use at least two or three wallets and divide your cash among them. Put each one in areas you’ll usually access: your favorite jacket pocket, the bag you always use, or your nightstand.

A system can help you stay organized before moving day.

What to Do Before Moving Day

You may be forgetful, but you can outsmart your memory with the help of a few tools. You’ll find many reminder apps for every smartphone operating system; some are available on iOS and Android and others even work on multiple devices.

Here are other ways to remember what you have to pack and when you should do it:

Set an alarm. Use your phone to your advantage and let it remind you of what you have to do on a particular time.

Use sticky notes. Sticky notes, what with their colors, can serve as bright reminders in one glance. You can stick a note on items you need to pack and when you have to pack them.

Use your calendar. Just like with sticky notes, write your tasks on the calendar so that you’re reminded of what you need to do when you look at it. If you don’t have a calendar, use the calendar app on your phone and pencil the event there.

Forgetfulness can get in the way of a perfect moving day. But with these tips, you can make sure you’ve packed and done everything you need for your new home.

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