Don’t stop living, just get whitening

Enjoying a rich and full life brings a sparkle to the eye and vigour to the step. Whilst all this enjoyment enhances the spirit and may even work to keep individuals young, it might not be so kind on the teeth. Discolouration happens over time, especially if wine, tobacco, coffee and some foods are part of the rich tapestry of life, lived to the fullest in the city. Although letting some of life’s history be worn with grace is nice, yellow teeth might not be an aspect worth keeping. Teeth whitening in Sydney CBD enables time to be reversed and allows that twinkle of the eye to travel to the teeth.

There are a range of options, with a range of prices available to anyone wanting to whiten teeth. These include home whitening kits that slowly, over several weeks and multiple applications whiten teeth in gradients. Each application makes a difference to the colour and applications are continued until the desired effect is reached.

Teeth whitening in Sydney CBD at a dental surgery however, can be completed as quickly as one, one-hour treatment. Dental surgeries such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD offer professional teeth whitening services, creating bespoke trays that fit over the teeth snugly. A whitening agent is introduced to the tray and then applied to the teeth. Light is often used to active the gel agent and bring about the cleaning effect.

Will teeth whitening agents work on all stains?

It depends on the nature of the stain, which needs to be identified as some stains go much deeper than the surface. These include:

• Natural yellow enamel colouration
• Damage to the tooth or root
• Deeper discolouration due to certain medications.

Most dentists will conduct a thorough assessment of the discolouration before starting treatment. If it’s not possible for the colour of some teeth to be changed, it is possible however to look at alternatives such as veneers.

As with any cosmetic treatment, the effectiveness of the whitening may dull over time. However, with a quick top-up, the brilliance of the shine will be brought back to life, make teeth whitening in Sydney CBD a real answer to creating a great smile.

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