Easy Party Preparations You Need to Know Right Now

Many moms have been hosting kiddie parties at home. Some of them share a few things that they discovered along the way that have changed the way they prepare for important events.

Packed Food

Kid's packed lunch

This is a game-changer. Many people in Melbourne and other places switched to lunch box catering services and this made the preparation and the day of the party so much easier. Some moms always had a buffet set up for the kids, with all the food that they normally like. And while it sounds like it’s the best option to serve food to the children of all ages, it’s actually more work for the parents who aren’t only making sure their hyper kids aren’t knocking anything down, but also having to line up and carry food to the table while their little ones are running around.

Serving food in lunch boxes ticks a lot of boxes on the list: no lines, easy for the parents, quicker meal service, less food wastage, and easy to take away in case kids have leftovers. It was easier for the children to have a meal, too, as they have everything in the right portion and the food is served to them in one container. Needless to say, parents are happy with this type of setup and have also used this type of catering at their parties.

Drinks in Tumblers

In our effort to minimise the waste we produce after a party, some of us have the idea to switch to serving drinks in a tumbler with covers. While it costs more than the regular paper cup, the upside of this is it’s reusable, comes in cute colors that kids love, and doubles as a party favor. The children are welcome to refill their tumblers. You can make fruit juices and serve them in dispenser jars that also serve as decorative elements.

And because the tumblers come with a cover, it keeps the drink in the cup and off the tabletop or the kids’ clothes. You can reduce the mess down to a considerable level and the parents can chill a little bit.

Play Area Setup

Kid's play area

Instead of running games that require a host, you can rent inflatables so that the kids can play freely and have fun without the pressure of winning a game. There are several different inflatables that might be ideal for children’s parties. For instance, bounce houses are very popular and provide hours of jumping and bouncing enjoyment. Water slides particularly match hot summer parties and provide amazing laugh-and-joy moments by sliding down and splashing in cooling pools. Inflatables that are based on the water offer a fantastic method to beat the heat and keep everyone entertained. Games involving throwing can add a competitive and skillful aspect to a different kind of challenge. These interactive inflatables allow kids to compete with friends while refining their hand-eye coordination by shooting targets or attempting to knock down things. If you want to take the experience to the next level, consider designing your own inflatable with Custom Inflatables, as they give you the opportunity to create inflatables in the exact shapes, sizes, and designs that you desire. The kids get to play with everyone and do so the way they want to. You can keep them entertained for hours and give them the opportunity to socialize with the other kids. At the end of the party, you can tell that they’ve had so much fun and are sure to crash into an after-party nap, which is always a good thing.

By reducing the amount of legwork involved in the major parts of preparation for the party, you can get more time to socialize with the children and give them plenty of time to play and enjoy the event. These tips can help simplify the party preparations and make the process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

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