Sweating Too Much? Here’s How Hyperhidrosis Can Lead to a Lower Quality of Life

Sweating is our body’s way of maintaining a comfortable temperature. When we exercise or when the outside temperature becomes too hot, our sweat glands release a salt-based fluid called sweat. One’s emotional state, stress, and even hormone shifts can cause sweating.

Sweating or perspiring is normal. But then, some people sweat more. Other people’s cases are so severe that they perspire heavily even if they are not doing any physical activity or even if they stay in cool places.

Such a condition is hyperhidrosis. Research shows that hyperhidrosis affects nearly 5% of people worldwide. This means up to 365 million people suffer from excessive sweating.

How Hyperhidrosis Can Impact Your Quality of Life

One might think that excessive sweating is easy to treat considering the number of antiperspirant products available in the market. The problem is, these anti-sweat solutions don’t actually work with hyperhidrosis. Imagine sweating all day, even before you out of the shower.

One can experience excessive sweating in their hands, feet, armpits, or even all over the body. This means hyperhidrosis can be localized in one or two areas or not. No matter what parts of the body you sweat excessively, this can eventually stop you from living life to the fullest.

Imagine meeting someone and a simple handshake terrifies you because of how much your palms are sweating. When you go to the gym, you could be sweating a lot even if you haven’t finished your warm-up sessions just yet. When you have to meet important people or simply need to go on a date, your confidence level can deteriorate if you are already sweating in your clothes before your date arrives.

Wearing the type of clothes you want to wear can also be challenging. People who sweat a lot tend to go for black, loose-fitting clothes. This is to prevent others from quickly noticing their perspiration problem.

Hyperhidrosis leads to a lower quality of life because it stops you from doing normal things without breaking a sweat. Easy chores are not only staining your clothes with sweat. The fear of smelling like you just got out of the gym often terrifies individuals.

Aside from the low self-confidence, poor body image, and its impact on one’s career and relationships, hyperhidrosis can also cause certain conditions. When you sweat a lot in your foot area, the moisture can quickly become a breeding ground for fungus. There is also an increased risk for bacterial and viral infection.

Hyperhidrosis Treatment and Medications

The good news is, there are ways you can stop your excessive sweating from ruining your life. If you tried every possible antiperspirant but to no avail, then it is time to ask the pros for help. They can help you determine the main cause of why you sweat too much.

Note that sometimes, heavy sweating can be caused by certain conditions. For instance, diabetes, infections, heart attack, hot flashes caused by menopause, and even thyroid issues can cause hyperhidrosis. Your doctor can help you figure out whether the cause is an underlying condition or not.

They may also recommend a sweat test to identify the severity of your condition. The result will help them pinpoint the best course of treatment. They may prescribe a prescription antiperspirant, cream, nerve-blocking medications, or even a botulinum toxin or botox treatment to treat hyperhidrosis.

There are other procedures you can undergo to treat excessive sweating. If your hyperhidrosis is only in your armpits, then they may recommend sweat gland removal or nerve surgery. Other times, doctors would advise microwave therapy.

How Lifestyle Chances Can Help Manage Hyperhidrosis

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There are certain practices you can adopt that can help you better cope with heavy sweating like the following.

  • Take Regular Baths

Proper hygiene is important to avoid bacteria from mixing with your sweat and causing body odor. Make sure you pat yourself dry properly before you even put on your clothes. Pay attention to places where you sweat a lot, like your armpits, groins, and in between your toes.

  • Choose Your Clothing Wisely

You will need to stick to loose clothing made from materials that will allow your skin to breathe. This includes cotton, wool, and silk. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics especially for activities involving exercise and change clothes regularly.

  • Let Your Skin Breathe

If your feet sweat too much, choose to go barefoot more often. If possible, choose open sandals or flip-flops instead.

  • Manage Your Stress

Most people stress too much when facing stressful situations. One thing that can help lessen sweating is to try relaxation techniques. Learn how to better manage your stress and you too can control excessive sweating.

If you are among the number of people suffering from hyperhidrosis, know that you are not alone. Don’t let your condition embarrass you and stop you from living life to the fullest. Get the support you need asap.

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