First-Time Brazilian Wax Experience: What You Should Expect

There are different aesthetic and hygienic reasons women (and some men) get a Brazilian wax. Back in the day when clothing choices were more conservative, particularly during the summer season, this beauty procedure was unheard of. Now, as beach fashion selections evolved to include more revealing outfits, it appears that more people are welcoming the idea of getting rid of the hair “down there.”

Brazilian wax spas and aesthetic centers are popular in Midvale and other metropolitan areas mostly because of the awesome weather that allows residents to dress up in carefree fashion at longer times in a year. If this is your first time getting a Brazilian wax, it’s expected that you’ll have a lot of apprehensions and questions. Sure, the process can be uncomfortable at first, but those who do this on a regular basis will tell you that it will eventually become just as natural as getting a haircut.

Here are five things you should expect during your first session at the waxing salon:

1. You will feel self-conscious at the beginning, but it will wear off after a while

There is no “model” for the bikini area and science dictates that everybody looks different down there. If you’re feeling apprehensive about having a stranger see your private parts, just remember that you will be dealing with professionals who have probably seen hundreds of genitals of different shapes, types, and sizes in their lifetime. They are at this job to help you smoothen your nether regions out and never to pass judgment.

Most of those who are scared of bikini waxes have this issue as their main demotivator — and it’s high time that it be changed. When you start making a routine out of your bikini wax sessions, you’ll eventually see that there’s no reason to be shy about the procedure.

2. Your bikini area will need to be exposed, so expect to be in unusual positions for a thorough sweep

Your waxing therapist will usually ask you to bend one knee upward and keep the other laid flat to get a good look at your bikini area and to offer good coverage. Take note that while the procedure might require you to remove all your clothes below the waist, you don’t really have to get out of your underwear if you don’t want to. Most therapists are experts at finding ways around your undies to get the job done while protecting your modesty.

3. There are different types of bikini waxes and their prices vary

Pricing for Brazilian wax procedures varies depending on how much hair needs to be removed and the shape or style of your choice. The classic shape involves simply cleaning up the hair at the front and some underneath so that no hair peeks out from the side of your bikini bottoms or underwear. The full Brazilian procedure entails more hair removal, leaving just a thin strip of hair at the front. If you want a total front to back sweep so everything’s smooth, you might want to choose the Hollywood style. Labels can also vary per salon, so be sure to ask the therapist about the services they offer.

4. The therapist might need to touch your private area and parts of your butt to get the job done

Since you’re working on the private regions, you can expect that the therapist will be briefly touching some parts just to keep the skin tight and taut before waxing. This will feel weird at first but is necessary.

5. It will be painful, but you will get used to it

woman covered in white clothes

The procedure involves removing hair strands out of their follicles, so you should expect to feel pain. Any salon that claims to have a painless process is setting wrong expectations. However, most the pain will be felt on your first few sessions. As you do it regularly, your mind tends to condition your body well to expect the sensation and it will become bearable. The worst pain will happen during your first time, but how your hair will grow changes later on because of the waxing, so it will become easier.

There’s no need to feel self-conscious or scared about the experience because this is what the professionals they do on a daily basis. After the entire process, you probably won’t need to see your therapist until three to four weeks, when the hair starts growing back. Spas recommend that you let the strands grow by at least 1/4 of an inch before setting another appointment.

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